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First of thanks to the posters, these symptoms are truly frightening and it's great to hear other peoples experiences.

My issues started with a unproductive cough, deep in my throat. Heart palpitations soon followed witch aggravated my throat condition and made my arms go numb and cold. This brought on dizziness.

Sleep is difficult with out an Amibian.

I did full EKG 3 times, Heart monitor for 3 days, a heart scan and a stress test, All results negative.

The pain continues. Will sometime stop for a week or two then BAM..back it it...

Twp docs have sugssted stress, which seems odd, but am willing to try anything as Im PICKING UP MY ADOPTED DAUGHTER IN THAILAND IN A WEEK! Sorry for screaming, Im terribly sad that I have to meet her with the evil of GERDS on me.

So how does one get a Reflux and GERDS diagnosis. Ive had little luck.

I have taken L-Glutamine for a few day with some nice results and also tried Prilosex.Omepraezole with not much luck.

I cant say that any other foods are worse than others, but I am loosing weight and eating less.

Ive had one doc give me a stress pill and another recommend intensive therapist treatment. I still maintain that their must be an aspect to my physiology that may be causing the this pain,

PLEASE..Anyone going though this with these symptoms??

This hurts and is friggin scary,

Any info would be a GREAT help!!!

Thank you so much and best health to you all.


My story is a bit long but started about 3 months ago with severe, intense back, neck pain... Emergency room visit, Regular doctor put me on hormones, that didn't work... Orthopedic doctor, MRI, Physical Therapy, Chiropractor, Pain Specialist, 2 nerve blocks, more physical therapy, and acupuncture...

I kept complaining to my acupuncturist of tightness (seemed muscular) in upper left area... Of course, the numb left index finger and part of thumb was driving me up the wall... There went my playing guitar days...

Although I continue with the physical therapy (couldn't afford the $80 per visit for acupuncture anymore) I am now massaging the chest area with my homedic massager and am feeling positive reactions in my numb finger(s)... I am very hopeful... Prayer, meditation and positive thoughts help a ton also... Hope this helps...


Update: I had all the symptoms you people have had and I went to the doctor. I was prescribed 20mg/day Prilosec for GERD back on 12/30/08. The doctor explained that the nerves that run through the esophogus are the same that run through the heart. This explains why pain in the esophogus can feel like heart pain. After a few days of that and a few days of Maalox the symptoms have gone away and so has the chest pain and anxiety. I get the occasional little sting in my chest but that's it. I still have the occasional palpitation also but no more pain or tingling in the arms and legs. Life has been much better. Now that I know the sharp chest pains I had were caused by GERD I don't freak out when I do get the occasional pain or palpitation.

Side Note:If you are taking Prilosec and eat some fatty food you might find yourself on the toilet soon after eating. Not a side effect I like too much but its better than thinking I am dying. Hell, it will only help me cut back on the fatty food I do eat.

Good Luck to everyone. To the guy that tried prilosec and said it didn't long did you try it for? My doctor explained that it might take a while for you to stop feeling the pain. The damage to your esophogus needs to heal before you will feel any better. Also the OTC Prilosec might not be strong enough to help you. Ask your doctor about it and give it a try. I didn't feel relief for about a week. I did one prilosec a day, maalox as needed, and maalox before bed whether or not I needed it. When I laid down to sleep was when I got most of my symptoms.


I have been having horrible gastritis over the past two weeks, burping constantly, especially when I haven't eaten for a while and immediately after meals. Eventually, numbness in my arms, tingly hands and chest palpitations starting following these episodes, which then blossomed into fully fledged panic attacks. From what I have read about Panic Attacks on Wikipedia, it seems they are direct result of stress or anxiety disorder. I strongly suggest that anybody who feels similiar symptoms read up on panic attacks and their origins. My first panic attack manifested itself during a gastritic attack...I was prescribed Pantprazole for GERD (Esophagal Reflux Disorder). Since then I have been gradually improving, but a lingering feeling of uneasiness remains and seems now to be constantly followed by panic attacks. I visited a psychiatrist who upon analysis concluded that I am getting panic attacks as a result of anxiety disorder. She prescribed an anti anxiety medication for me which we are closely monitoring together (I won't name it, you should go to your medic to seek the right advice), and I have now been undergoing this treatment for a few days, where I have felt a great improvement in my overall condition, and it has even been helpful in reducing stress and anxiety levels in me which were way TOO high. So my suggestion is the following, go to a Gastrointerologist to get your gastritis looked at, and then visit a Psychiatrist to get your stress and anxiety issues looked it. In my case the stomach problems were just a symptom of the real problem...GOOD LUCK AND GOOD HEALTH


Like everyone else has been saying, it's amazing to come across this forum post, it's so comforting to know other people experience the same thing, and that it's not a weird/obscure heart condition, just a digestive problem of some sort.

I'm 21 years old and for the past 6 months I've been having the same symptoms. Lots of chest pains in the top left, numbing of the left arm, and burning of hands as well as other symptoms. And no matter how many times I tell my self that it's just "GERD" or Acid reflux, I always think I must have some sort of heart problem. But I'm sure I don't, because If it was a heart problem I'm sure it would have resulted in some more serious outcomes by now.

I've noticed a lot of people talk about anxiety on this post... Anxietyis something that's really effected my lately. It seems ALL of my symptoms started as soon as I moved out on my own for the first time, and when one of my close friends passed away...

Luckily I've managed to manage the anxiety and the bit of depression that comes with it by doing a self help kit that doesn't rely on drugs. It's call Attacking Anxiety and Depression (by Lucinda Basset), and I recommend it to ANYONE who expierences anxiety, especially when you have the chest pains from the GERD because you get so anxious and if you don't control your thoughts, they control you and its like you live in hell! It's terrible!

One question I do have for people is does any one experience shortness of breathe? I tend to get this sometimes due to perhaps fatty foods that i eat, or when I am anxious...

Thanks again for everyone help!


Yes I too have shortness of breath!! I have all these symptoms too. Mine is made worse after eating!


Female, 30, 140 lbs.

Started a month ago, woke up 2am with arms and legs numb, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and dizziness. Raised feet up and tried to relax on couch - afraid to fall asleep. Watching tv was strange b/c any action, high emotion or quick camera changes made my heart race. I researched my symptoms online coming to a conclusion it might be a reaction to MSG. (chinese food I ate the night before). Took some Benedryl, which helped me sleep for a bit. Avoided MSG products (soups, mac n cheese, cold cuts, hot dogs, fatty/ salty foods) until I saw the doctor 4 days later.

SYMPTOMS that continued were: Dizziness, heart racing, shallow breathing, mild pain in left & center of chest. 1-3 times daily, usually after eating.

Doctor said it probably wasn't MSG b/c the symptoms continued for a week. With process of elimination, she said it was anxiety and gave me a mild prescription of Valium. I've only taken it to help me sleep, which works. After reading this site, I am now convinced I have GERD.

So far, my own TREATMENTS has been:
-mild exercise (when heart races to much, slow down - don't just stop b/c you can cause heart attack)
-eat mild meals (avoid heavy salt, sugar, fatty/fried/spicy foods, processed meals, cold cuts, hot dogs, candy, pizza, and soda.)
-stay warm; being cold makes my body shiver, tense up, heart races
-get enough sleep
-drink at least 4 tall glasses of water per day
-drink chamomile tea and green tea
-avoid scary or violent tv/movies to keep heart rate normal

**I will now try the highly recommended remedies for GERD:
- 1 teaspoon of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR to a 1/2 glass of water (sip w/ dinner).
- chew gum after each meal b/c more saliva in stomach neutralizes acids.
-Also, get tested for H. Pylori just to be safe.

Antacids may be aluminum, magnesium, or calcium based. Calcium-based antacids (usually calcium carbonate) stimulates the release of gastrin, which results in an overproduction of acid. Theoretically at least, this increased acid is not good for GERD.
Calcium-containing antacids such as Tums and Rolaids are not recommended. Aluminum-containing antacids have a tendency to cause constipation, while magnesium-containing antacids tend to cause diarrhea. If diarrhea or constipation becomes a problem, it may be necessary to switch antacids or alternately use antacids containing aluminum and magnesium.

OVERALL, avoid stress (maybe change your job), eat healthy foods, exercise regularly - schedule it, and don't eat after 7pm. = )


I have had the same problems for years and am 51. I had to stop taking it 2 years abo because my insurance wouldn't pay for it anymore. I was the best for gerd ive ever had 20mg Aciphex. Didn't have one problem when I was on that for many years. We just got new insurance and they cover it so iam going back to it. If your taking something for it ask your doctor for this it maybe the best on the market. Also go to there website sometimes they have a coupon and it won't even cost you a co-pay. You can also get for free sometimes just check it out.


I've been struggling with this for three years now.

I have all the symptoms that people have been describing, including the sore/lump in throat and random sharp pains in my side and back.

I'm sure my panic attacks are related to my acid reflux as the heart burn makes me aware of my chest area and how it feels abnormal and painful. Because you start to breathe more rapidly apparently your salt level changes and this is why you get a tingle sensation but I don't think this is the only explanation for the tingle ness.

I manage to control my panic attacks now as I know why I get them. But I will be going to the DR's to get this checked up as I've been living with it for too long.


Hi I had all of the same symptoms as detailed on this site and the latest episode really had me scared. I was sure I was having a massive heart attack even though I am fit and in my 30's and non smoker. I had stress tests and ekg's and all showed a healthy heart. I was diagnosed as having GERD even though I never had heartburn (at least not the pain just burping). I was prescribed ZOTON (in Ireland) and within a couple of days all symptoms were gone. My doc thinks I may only need to take it for about 8 weeks and then to be careful with my diet. So for those of you the same as me don't worry but get to your doctor and tell he/she about my case and see if it works for you.

I do have to say that when I came onto this site a few weeks ago seeing so many with the same problem did help so thanks for sharing your stories.



i have sex a lot n recently had three intercourse with three ejaculation in one day...the next i felt a pain in my chest..days after it move to my neck and arm and also burping like gas is in my stomach the symptoms as detail i went the doctor did an EKG and some more test everything was normal..i was prescribe with some tablets which barely help at first but i began to eventually felt i decided to test n see if the ejaculation was the cause of this problem a month after i masturbated to see if that was the case...i felt ok after, slept well that night n also in the morning but in the afternoon my felt like it was going to explode and my body began to feel weak all over my heart began to beat a second faster this continued for a few days so today i taught i should to a CBC test to see if i in need of blood...what you think


I have burning pain in the left side of my chest, which sometimes spreads into my armpit and down my arm, and it NEVER goes away.
Also numbness in my arm, and sometimes in the lft side of my face.
I've also been having very sharp pain underneath my left ribcage.
Sometimes shortness of breath and a 'flutering' feeling in my chest/heart.
All this accompanied by general freaking out and anxiety.
Does this sound familiar?
GERD could be the cause of all this?


i was coughing about 6 months ago. i had a burning pain around my left breast like i ripped a muscle or something. since then my left arm hs like a pinched nerve or something like that. tingles in arm n fingers. arm throbs n ches. n im in fair bit of pain. every time i see dr he tells me its a pinched nerve in neck n it will go away, but it tingles n itchy 70 per cent of the day, can somone pls tell me what it is or help . thank u. im 39 with good health other wise,


same symptoms for me, i'm 35, long distance runner so i'm fairly fit
from what i read on the net i think its silent acid reflux messing with the nerves.
i get a very tight throat,difficultly swallowing,face numbness, sinus problems ,numb patches all over the body, chest pain,weight loss,sometimes I even get dizzy if i stand up.
DR has referred me to a stomach specialist. i hope its nothing serious, all my problems started 12 months ago after a doctor gave me strong ibuprofen for a bad back ,3 x 600g tablets, i think this burnt or ulcurated my stomach. i took them for 8 weeks he didn't say how long i should take them for which is apparently no more than 2 weeks or you can die from a stomach rupture!!!! nice one doc!

i'm so annoyed with him and myself for taking them but i was following the doctors orders,i trusted him, he has wreck my quality of life for the last 12 months and god know how much longer it will go on!


Dangerously low Vitamin B12 causes many of these symptoms.