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Hello everyone.

For me and my husband’s anniversary, my kid John bought me this lovely Labrador puppy. I always wanted to have Labrador. His name is Jelly. He is so nice and playful.

We went to the vet and he is perfectly healthy. He received his first vaccine shot. It was pretty much OK.

I asked my vet which food I should give to my Jelly. He told me that I need to decide is this going to be wet, dry or homemade food. He told me that I can give human foods to my dog as well.

Can you tell me do you give human foods to your dog?



Occasionally I do. I am not against it because there are those foods that you can actually feed your dog with and they are human foods.

There is no need to run away from them.


For example you can feed your dog with peanut butter because it is a great source of proteins and fiber. One tablespoon is enough.

Yogurt is also good because it provides a great source of proteins especially Greek yogurt.

Lean proteins like turkey, beef, and chicken are really good and you can find them in wet and dry dog foods.

Salmon has omega 3 – fatty acids which are good for dog’s coat and skin.

Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are a source of carotene and vitamin A.

Those are food that you can give your dog without any fear.



Hello. Sure you can give human food to your dog. Human food from Love is pet list is really amazing and it has everything that your dog needs. It is better when it is raw than cooked, but it is your choice will you cook it or not. Some other ingredients such as oats, some fruits and some vegetables are good as well for your dog. You need to know which food to avoid – chocolate, alcohol, everything that has a lot of sugar in it. That is not healthy for your dog, his stomach and his digestive system. Pumpkin is really awesome. I give it every week to my dog.



Hello guys.


It is healthy, so why not? I think that a little reward can never do any harm to your beautiful friend with those beautiful brown eyes. Of course, it depends on what food you are giving to him. For example, chips can be a huge problems so you need to avoid it.

When you think about it there are so many human foods that your dog should never eat.

And it is not just because of the weight, it is because some foods are dangerous to your dog.

Go to your vet and make this list together. He is the only one who can tell you what is OK for your dog to eat and what you should avoid when it comes about human foods.