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This story is absolutley true and yes, I have posted the same comments on other weight loss forums because I am dissapointed and I want to tell as many people as I can about my moms story I think I have a right! Im just letting people know about my moms devastating experience so they can make decisions for themselves. I dont think it is appropriate to come on a weight loss forum and call someone a "pig" or an "overeating slob". This is to be used for support and sharing information. not for calling other people names...I wonder what your motives are


Hello BigBelly/Skinny Craig I just wanted to thank you for sharing your success with us. Not many people seem to share positive stories on this site. I work at one of the clinics and all you need to do is contact the clinic you attended and let them know you gave you food list away and they will either give you an updated list or let you know what your password and userID are to get on the website for patients only and print your own copy of the allowed updated food list. It is easy to get. if your having any problems let me know. Good luck to you and your daughter in all your success. I too know how the diet is; as I was on it for 7 months and lost over 100 pounds. It works!!!

Keep up the great work.



Hello BigBelly-SkinnyCraig. I want to thank you for sharing your success story on this site. Not many people seem to say anything positive about this program. I did the diet myself and lost over 100 pounds. I have maintained the loss for well over a year. It is a life changing eating habit we are trying to teach everyone that does the maintance program. That is the key to the program. I also am proud to say that i am employed with the Dr. Bernstein clinic for close to 5 years. I have nothing bad to say about the diet. You are treated by nurses and doctors. Everyone there wants to see everyone succeed with the program. I have worked at 5 different clinics and not one nurse or doctor seemed to not care about the patients. It is really unfortunate that there are some people out there bashing the program when I have worked at the clinic for so long and have not seen anyone mistreated for going off program. We are there to monitor everyones health and to make sure they are following the diet properly. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story and to let you know that all you have to do to get an updated food list is type in your OWN userID and password and you can get that information from your home clinic and print out your own food list from the patients only website. Or just contact your home clinic and they should be able to print you off a foodlist. If you need any assistance with this contact me. Good luck with everything with you and your daughter. Keep up the great wt loss.
K~ ;-)


I was on the dr b diet, and lost tons of weight. The only problem is.. you will gain it all back, if you don't follow the same regime..It's because you are losing at such a rapid rate. And the diet works like this;
you are putting your body into "starvation mode" which puts your body into ketosis. Your urine is tested 3 times a week to make sure your body is still in ketosis. You are required to take a multivitamin and potassium pills (remember, very important. this is what happened to Terry Schiavo). Your diet is very limited. And shots are just B12 & B6 ( that is so your not lethargic and rundown) It boosts your energy. There is nothing magical about this diet. You can do it on your own without having to pay the $$ to do it. If you can get your hands on a book, cause that is the most valuable peice you will have. That book will tell you exactly what you can or can't have, and how much. These are the foods (and other) that will not knock your body OUT of ketosis. Remember, that is the common denominater. The vitamin shots is to keep your energy. Typically, with any diet, you will feel cravings and hunger.. but give it a week and all sugar cravings will be depleted. That is due to your glucose levels balancing. ( as per Dr b clinic in Niagara). Once your blood sugar level is good, and your in ketosis, you will start to loose weight. You can do this all yourself. Dr b clinic is about 160.00 for consultation fee plus your first week, and then it is 560.00 monthly for the shots, and services. That is extremely high. I chose not to go back, but rather do it on my own. You can buy the ketosis strips at any pharmacy (probably behind the counter with the diabetes stuff) No prescription necessary. You can buy the multivitamins, potassium and B6 B12 pills in any healthfood store or Walmart. The only difference is, the shots are quicker for entering the bloodstream, but work with what you got. Use the pills, but my advices, start taking them before you start this diet. The Dr B diet is very very similar to Atkins Diet. Same concept. Only Dr B limits all your intake. Even lettuce! I personally wouldn't give that place another dime. They raised the prices from the 3 years that i was on it. So nice that he makes money off other people in time of desperation.


(All of this information is based on my own research - I am not a medical professional, so you should do your own research before following any recommendation provided)

1. Got kicked out of the program?

It may appear to you that the clinic has been very rude to your mother, but there is a reason why the clinic kicked her out. Each time you start this diet, your body needs to transition from burning sugar to burning fat... This transition will normally take about 2 days to happen (the reverse is however almost instanteneous). During that transition period your body will burn lean tissues to compensate for the extremely low calorie intake... Lean tissues also includes your heart which is a muscle... Constantly flip flopping between sugar-burning mode and fat-burning mode will increase the amount of lean tissues being eaten away. THIS IS DANGEROUS and that's why Dr. Bernstein will not tolerate patients cheating on a regular basis. They may very well seem extermely rude, but they are doing your mother a favor by not letting her continue...

I believe the safest way to start this diet, is to actually start with an Atkins type of diet for 2-3 days and then continue with the Bernstein program - I believe this reduces the amount of lean tissues being burned during this transition - they of course will not tolerate this, so keep this tip to yourself.

2. B6 and B12 shots... The happy drugs!

The B6 and B12 shots in my opinion have no direct effect on the weight loss... The main reason why people are being given these shots if to prevent their level of serotonines to drop - which may occur when carbohydrates are removed/reduced from a person's diet. Low serotine levels will lead you to depression, and you'll be more likely to quit the diet or cheat.

3. Should follow this diet?

I've been on the diet, and would only recommend it to very few individuals... If you believe that not losing the excess weight (I weigthed 360 pounds when I got on it) will seriously affect your health negatively, then you may want to consider it. If you do the diet, do not cheat! Yo-yo-ing on this diet is dangerous - if you find yourself cheating on a regular basis and kicking yourself out of ketosis - please stop! There is a reason why you need to be supervised by a nurse 3 times a week...


Has anyone been on the Dr.B "Tune-Up" Diet. I will be getting married soon and would love to drop 10 pounds. I would appreciate any insight if you have been on this program. Is it appropriate for small amounts of weight loss? Thank you


I think he would be caring about money and nothing else if he ALLOWED people to continue the program, knowing that they're cheating and not getting any closer to their goal, or constantly backtracking. If you can see that someone isn't putting the necessary effort into weight loss, that's like having someone at a drug rehab clinic knowing that they're smuggling in coke. What's the point of them being there?

So sorry, but I disagree. I believe that Bernstein's methods appear to be strict, and he may seem harsh, but I think for most of us struggling to lose weight, that's the whole idea. You want someone to hold your hand while you cry on each other's shoulders beacuse you're craving a twinkie? Go to Jenny Craig or something.

And stop calling their nurses fat. I've never been to a clinic or seen their nurses, but it's pretty weird for someone talking about how they want to lost weight, etc, but calling someone else fat. Kinda mean.


The diet is wonderful! You are medically supervised and can eat foods that most diets will not allow. Also you lose the weight WITHOUT having to use appetite suppressants! The reason people sign a "contract" to lose a certain weight per month is because they are CHEATING and not losing weight. This is to keep the patient motivated. As for getting kicked off the program...would you rather they continue to take your money while you continue to lose cheat and not follow the plan??? That is what most programs would do but not the Bernstein diet. If it is not for you they let you know.
I find the people that work their to be caring but if you go off diet they are their to keep us from going back to our old eating habits.


amy99's story about her mother is true. The comment made about her mother being an overeater fat slob on her vacation was unnecessary. I went off the diet for one weekend and ate regularly (3 balanced meals) and gained almost 5 pounds. This diet is basically starvation and once you eat anything other than what you've been eating, you will gain weight.

I did the diet twice and the second time, one night I felt terribly nauseous so I had half a bagel with some Light Peanut Butter and the next morning I had gained, again, almost 5 pounds. Most of it is probably your body wondering what the hell is going on because there is finally some carbs in you, but it was discouraging nonetheless...

I too cheated once or twice (WITH the diet food too, had a few too many Melba toasts) and they made me sign a contract stating I would lose a minimum amount of weight because I hadn't lost or I had gained a bit back. I cheated a few more times (again, usually with the allowed food but just a few too much) and they then told me I was not allowed back on the program.
I was told by a nutritionist that they kick people who gain weight off their program because it will throw off their statisitics.

Being kicked off is a reality. It's also a very expensive program. I can do the diet on my own now as I have the book, but the extra support and routine of the clinics helps a lot. The amount of weight you lose depends on the foods you eat. The only foods you HAVE to eat are the 2 proteins a day. I was feeling so unhungry that I could barely eat that, let alone my 2 allowed fruits, breads and veggies-- so I lost at an alarming rate.


I've been on the diet for just over a week and have lost 10 pounds. I can't understand the critics of this diet at all. The nurses are awesome, and really helpful. Yes it is strict, but like any successful diet, it should be. If you want to lose weight you need to learn how to create new eating habits and stick to them. There are no cravings on this diets and no side effects like headaches. If you do get them, the nurses have ways to help, like increasing your potassium intake.
There is no reason for you to be hungry, you are allowed plenty of food each day to satisfy anyone.
I have two family members who did this diet over 2 years ago and have kept the weight off. You need to stay in the mindset of healthy eating, and know that if you want to go to a restaurant on the weekend you can, just stick to the healthy foods during the week. If you want to succeed you will - you can't think that after you have reached your goal weight you can fall back into your previous eating habits - that is what got you into the overweight category to begin with!


I'm assuming that Bernstein's clinics recommend weighing in once a week...but just to let you know, your weight can fluctuate between 5-10lbs just on water weight alone. So if you ate something the night before and weighed yourself in the morning, that wouldn't necessarily reflect the food you JUST ate.

A piece of advice? Don't discourage yourself. Scales can be very deceiving. If you want a better way to determine how successful your weight loss has been, regardless of what plan you're on, buy one of those measuring tapes that tailors use and measure your waist, thighs, or whatever area you're targeting. At least you're more likely to get an accurate number, and to see results quicker, rather than being depressed watching the scale flip-flop when it's, to a certain level, out of your control. :-)


Hi , i recently started the diet but i decided not to get the shots. In 18 days ive lost 17 lbs . I really like this diet because you can still enjoy food and your not starving yourself. I would recomend this to just about everyone .


I am so sorry that you have been attacked for trying to stand up for your mom, and reporting that she has been hurt by Dr. Bernstein on the diet in hopes that others would come forward so she could find comfort. This underscores one very big issue, people automatically assume that it is a fat persons fault that they are obese, and neglect to realize that there are huge emotional issues behind weight!

Good for you for wanting to reach out for help, I pray your mom is okay! Please, tell her for me not to give up and keep on trying! Maybe go to a counsellor? Try weight watchers maybe? This must be so hard on you!


I just recently started the Dr. Bernstein diet about a week ago after hearing about it from a friend.
honestly i have never felt so good in my life. everything changes when u change ur diet as strict as this one, your view on food, ur mood, ur energy. everything. its crazy. not to mention, im only 22 and ive been suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis for about 2 years, and nothing has helped it. What do u know, only a week on this program...not only has the weight loss helped my arthritis, but i havent felt pain since the second day i came into this program, and a lot of it has to do with what im eating. I highly recommend this diet, i started off at 240 lbs, and already im at 225. 25 more pounds to go :-) and yes it is expensive but think about it, theres no other way you are going to lose this much weight this fast and this healthy. ur progress is monitored almost daily to make sure everything is going the way it should.
All you have to consider is this;
you have the rest of ur life to live and eat whatever the hell you want. whats a few months of a scrict diet and being healthy?
nothing at all, and its so worth it.

oh and p.s.
to all you negative people saying "you instantly gain it all back"
what do you expect. u go on this crash diet to lose the weight. just because u go on this diet doesnt make u immune to shitty foods for the rest of your about doing what im doing. reach ur goal weight...and then... *GASP* excersize regularily!
u cant keep the weight off if you just sit on ur ass and eat the same c**p u did before the diet, grow up. this program is golden and is worth every penny.


I am a former dr b client. Happy with resuls but stopped after a few months, mostly due to cost. i lost about 40 pounds and have kept most of it off for the last year. i did not reach goal but am happy

My question is this- can you go into the clinic and buy the soup and puddings and bars while not being a client?Thanks