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I just got on this diet and Was informed that I had to use oil- free skin products. Any ideas on what I should use? I prefer not to use soap bars - are there any oil free body-washes out there that you folks can recommend? I'd appreciate the help


where can I get a copy of the diet? thank you.


Dr. Bernstein's diet was originally designed for people with diabetes and other blood glucose maladies. However, his methods are quite effective for those without any health problems (other than those related to obesity, of course). There is nothing harmful or unscrupulous about his diet plan, it's actually quite healthy and there is no possible way to "overdose" on B vitamins. The diet is scientifically sound and founded in the basic principles of human metabolism and triglyceride bases. The B vitamins Dr. Bernstein's patients are administered assist in breaking down the cell membranes of fat cells and inducing ketosis, which essentially is the process of fat leaving the body through the urine. There is no excess fluid loss, no muscle breakdown, no other side effects that would normally be associated with starvation diets, making it perfectly safe and effective to lose the estimated 20 pounds per month.

If a doctor dismisses a patient from a program or refuses to perform nonessential (non-emergent) care, that is his/her perogative. The law only extends to trauma or emergency cases, when the result of a physician's refused or delayed treatment will be the death of the patient. The doctor reserves the right to refuse unnecessary treatment for any number of reasons...likely in this case it would simply be ineffective advertising. If a patient proves through several episodes of weight regain, chances are that patient will not be successful in keeping their weight off once they are off of the diet. It isn't good press when a former patient completes the diet and still ends up obese.

I'm a doctor too. Were I in his position, I wouldn't treat such patients either.


hey, i was reading the reviews about this diet, and came across someone whos mother was kicked off the diet. I myself have done the bierstien diet, and yes it works incredible well, however it is extremely strict, and expensive and you must have the time to do it. I was 18 when i started the diet, at 5'8 weighing 220, i went down to 165 within 4 months. However i found it extremely difficult, partl y because i was in college taking culinary.. go figure. there is no leway on this diet, i couldnt eat anything i was making, but like i said this diet does work. After christman I had loss 6 pounds, but i did cheat, and it showed up in blood work, they made me sign a contract and threatened to kick me out, however i later quit a few weeks later due to finances.. its been 4 years, and i have put on about 20 pounds since. However shortly after quiting the program the weight came on very fast because the diet takes a lot out of your regular diet, my mother also did the diet and had around the same results however put all the weight back on.l. .so the diet does work.. with a very heavy price tag.. but is it a permant fix? hell no. And if you like eating egg whites for the rest of your life this is the diet for you.


I started my diet last week with 312 lbs and today I am 300 lbs. I was allowed 3 portions instead of 2 portions because I have more than 100 lbs to lose. YES the diet is extemely strict and hard, and who tells u that it's easy is living in denial. BUT the results make the suffering worth it. AND u have to put in ur mind something: JUNK FOOD is like drugs (coke) u can't go to special facilities to cure urself from drugs and when u r clean , try it from time to time, JUNK FOOD is like cigarettes ,u either quit for life or u will smoke again. So when u finish this diet , go for the maintenence phase which helps u to introduce the food slowly without gaining the weight back till ur body balances and can forget about the starvation period it was in. I gave myself thre choices and scenarios

1: I go for dr b diet, so strict and tough, pay lots of money, but lose very fast and then go for maintenancewhile enjoying my great looks during maintenence (5 months diet, 7 months maintenence=year)

2: I go for another diet like (weight watchers) ,easier, less money , lose slower which might take me 1 year or more , on diet.

3: lap-band surgery , costs a fortune and it's painful, i hate surgeries

i chose dr b . will give it a try. if i fail , i will go to another diet


I did the Dr B diet and I did loose weight, 30lbs or so when I was 23. I found it to be a very negative experience though overall. The reason I found it to be negative is some of the following

1) I was only told after I started and paid money that my goal weight was too high, I'm 5'2" and I wanted to end up at around 125-130lbs. This is on the high side of normal for me, and where I felt comfortable. I felt pressured to try for more based on an arbitrary number in a book even though I think a bit higher weight is where I should be. Being told my goal was not good enough made me feel like the staff was not open to accommodation to each person individually as they claim

2) I did NOT Cheat, I know some won’t believe me, but often my ketones were low and was told to remove fruit from my diet for weeks at a time. When I told them I absolutely was being compliant, staff suggested I was lying, making me feel very bad about how I was treated. This is a VERY low calorie diet, and taking away fruit made it even harder to follow. Also, being treated poorly when I did not show ketones in my urine seems like just blaming the patient instead of helping to work through problems.

3) The diet is very restrictive to what you can eat, and can be very hard to stay with if you are on it for a long time. It stays restrictive until your goal weight is reached and if you have a lot to loose, you may not be able to stay with it. If you cheat, you may be treated with bully tactics and even kicked off!! This is not a way to teach people to eat for the rest of their lives in my opinion. I stayed with it until I lost the weight, but it was not easy at all. Kicking out patients who aren’t experiencing the results expected seems to be to be a good way to keep positive numbers for statistics, but no way to treat a patient. You can say the diet works for everyone if you get rid of the trouble makers.

4) Some weeks I lost a great deal of weight, once 11lbs in a week, but some I lost less. Once again I was accused of cheating, and had my fruit taken away. Most doctors will agree that dieters will plateau at points, and I think the staff treated me poorly even though I WAS loosing weight, I was told I was failing. I think expecting you to loose lbs every time you come in to be weighed (3 times a week) is unrealistic. Your weight can fluctuate throughout the day for goodness sake, and if you don’t see results one week, you will over time. Seemed very punitive to not take in account that I lost say eight lbs one week and none the next. Seems like the average is still 4 lbs a week, so how can the staff say I was cheating?

5) I often felt dizzy, sometimes nauseous, and did nearly fainted more then once in the gym. Although I was overweight, I worked out a few times a week for years, just not enough to keep me slim. I don’t think any healthy diet should be making you feel that poorly when working out. This went on for weeks, but I did not want to give up as I was loosing lbs. Eventually I stopped feeling hungry ever, and need to force myself to eat. This once again does not seem like teaching people who have problems with food to eat healthy for the rest of their lives.

6) I got constipated more that once, this diet can do that and it was not fun being backed up.

7) I never lost enough weight to meet the clinics goal of ideal weight for me (even though I am a 34 DD and never lost an ounce of my chest) so I never went on maintenance. This caused me to gain ten lbs back very fast (within 3 months) and made getting it off with more moderate means much harder.

8) I gave up the diet when my hair started to fall out, and people told me I looked sick all the time. I did loose weight, but I hated every minute of it.

Don’t get me wrong, loosing weight and sticking to a diet is HARD WORK. My experience was negative mostly due to the cookie cutter approach and bully tactics I had once the diet clinic had my money. I lost weight, but it was so not worth it in the long run for me. If you are a person with strong willpower and want to try it, you will loose weight, how can you not eating 800 calories or less. Be warned though, and talk to people in the clinic who have been there a while on your way out before handing over cash. If you have a fairly inactive lifestyle it may be fine for you, if you still want to be able to play squash, be prepared to feel like c**p. If you are a compulsive over eater or have eating disorders, this may not be doable for you at all. There is nothing in this program to help folks deal with why they overeat. For some people who have tried more conventional diet plans or have a dangerous weight problem the pros may outweigh the cons and you WILL loose fat, but for most people I would warn against this program. I wish I could go back and never have set foot in the Dr. B clinic and used the money I spent on something more realistic. Good luck to all dieters who read this, your goals are admirable, but beware of anything that sound to good to be true there is always a downside.


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My mother is an obese woman and has tried a lot of the popular diets over the years and none of them worked then she found out about Dr.Bernsteins clinics. She weighed 400 pounds when she started about two years ago and has now lost 150 pounds and is a new woman. She gained some weight at Christmas this year and had to sign a contract that she would lose 2 pounds a week. She is now able to travel and that is what she did when she went to Mexico last week. She gained about ten pounds while she was away (as you do at an all inclusive resort) and when she returned to the clinic only to promptly get KICKED OUT by Dr.Bernstein himself because of the weight gain. She is devastated, and I am afraid for her future. She has paid ALOT of money over two years and had been very successful up to now. I just don’t understand how they could do this to my mom, it seems as though he cares more about his reputation then he does about the people in his program. This program DOES work but if this is the way they treat their patients I would not recommend it to anyone.
If anyone has had similar experiences with Dr. B or knows someone who has I would love to hear about them …I doubt my moms the only one … she is a kind, good hearted person and any support would be appreciated
Thank you

Hi there! Oh my God, I didn’t know how these clinics work!
I have been actually reading about dr. Berstains clinic and though of as such a cool place especially because I read that they treated everyone as an individual and made diet programs and plans according to everybody’s weight, age, health, etc…..and I thought that this must work.
However, I did imagine that the stuff especially doctor himself to be kinder, which shows completely opposite in your mothers case. I don’t know what to think now.

I am not aware about any special rules they have on a clinic! From what you said, patients are forbidden to gain weight or what?
Did your mom have to stay on the clinic or only visit from time to time?

I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about the clinics work! And the prices if you’re aware of them! Thank you

I am very sorry about what happened to your mother. It is definitely wrong no matter what their policy is.
Have you tried talking to her, reassuring her that they are obviously not worth of any hassle and that she could try to continue with dieting on her own.

There is a book, written by a MAYO CLINIC stuff about the right choices of food and how to properly combine them. I can’t remember the exact name now but if you’re interested I can find out.


i think dr b is a prejudice fake and cares about money nobody else. he will kick u off because hes a monster. ppl loose weight with his diet and so what if ppl cheat that shoul let dr b know this person is struggling get to the bottom of it. his reputation would be waaaaaaaay better off but he doesnt care about us and ppl who work at his clinics are fat girls with attitude

THAT is a LOAD of sh*t... get your facts straight before you post nonsense like that.. so do tell which clinic to you work for


has anyone experienced a .2 weight gain like on this program i did today not sure why havent done anything different


I was on the Dr Berstein program, unfortunately a few times over, but experienced success each time. I have in fact gained all my weight back, but in theory it has not been through the failure of the program, it has been through the failure of me returning to former eating habits. I have never learned to eat for life. Yes, I would highly recommend the Dr Bernstein Diet. It is very restrictive and very structured and if you do cheat, you will not lose weight. Good luck!!


You can purchase anything in the clinics or online even if you never took the program before.


I was on this diet several years ago. I am 5'6, male and was 183 pounds. I got down to 138 over 13 weeks. I did regain the weight over a period of time, but I can't say this was really the fault of the diet. I stayed on the diet, except once I think I had one beer or a chocoalte bar or somehting. Here are some of my comments:

Teaches you portion control, the importance of eating protein and not eating starch and how little food your body really needs (of course in the normal course, this is more than on the Dr. B. diet).
Lose weight really quickly. Pretty amazing results for the first while, though first week doesnt count in my view (water weitght)
I found the service was decent and they got you through appointments quickly.
Nurse was of decent attitude. None of this horrible attitude.

Personally I was tired and hungry a lot. In my view it was very little food - the price of losing weight, I guess.
I felt like I was almost discouraged from exercising by the bernstein dr - probably wise because your body has nothing to use.
Certain foods are now dead to me. Ultra-low fat mayonnaise - wait it is not even food! Crystal light.
At certain points I stopped eating the fruit as it was impeding weight loss.
MY gp wanted me to get off.
My mom knows a few people on the diet and doesn't know anyone who did not gain back.

A few years later I have now lost 50 pounds applying what I learned using Dr Bernstein, but just eating more. I can't say I wouldn't recommend it but you need to know what you are getting into and prepared to be tired and hungry.

A side note - DO NOT pig out at the end of the diet. I did this and had to be off work four/five days because I could barely sit down due to my ass hurting so much from digestive issues.


i think alot of people with negative opinions of this diet do not know what it's all about. i felt the same way about it when a friend of mine lost a bunch of weight last year. i thought she looked great but that it must be very unhealthy.

even though i am overweight i am still active, just make really poor food choices. i lost 16 lbs on my own through diet and excercise then thought i would see what bernstein was all about to get the loss to go faster. i joined 2.5 weeks ago and am down 15lbs. that's a total lose of 31lbs so far!

the first few days are tough but you get over it and the cravings actually go away. i feel great, i'm sleeping better and i have more energy. i have 25lbs to go and then will leave the program and continue to eat right and get back into more strenuos exercise. of course if you stop a diet and go back to your old ways you will gain all the weight back. i am planning on taking what i have learned about portion sizes and proper eating and applying that after the program. for those who say it's not healthy, i guarantee you i am alot healthier now eating fresh foods and drinking lots of water then i was before when i was packing in the cheese and pasta!


Well, I have a low functioning thyroid and I can gain ten pounds in a week just by eating "normal" food. I don't binge, and I spent most of my life at my ideal weight. After having my son, though, I gained 80 pounds in six months without changing my diet at all. I thought I was losing my mind, but it was really just my hormones changing my body chemistry.

Ever since then I have had to stay at about 900 calories a day or I will gain weight rapidly, and it's almost impossible for me to lose it.


This is in regards to the woman who gained 10 pounds while away on vacation. I am on the Bernstein diet. I needed to lose about 180 pounds. I've now lost 95 pounds in 5.5 months. I will soon be going out of town and have learned that if you're going away for 2 weeks or less, you don't stop the diet, instead you are put on a modified version that is designed to keep you from gaining weight. If you start eating carbs and sugar, your body will naturally put on the 5-7 pounds it stores in the muscles which was used up when you started the diet. So this lady went on vacation and didn't follow the modified diet and then gets angry that she got in trouble for not doing her part. Typical fat person's mentallity (believe me, I've been there).


This is in regards to the woman who gained 10 pounds while away on vacation. I am on the Bernstein diet. I needed to lose about 180 pounds. I've now lost 95 pounds in 5.5 months. I will soon be going out of town and have learned that if you're going away for 2 weeks or less, you don't stop the diet, instead you are put on a modified version that is designed to keep you from gaining weight. If you start eating carbs and sugar, your body will naturally put on the 5-7 pounds it stores in the muscles which was used up when you started the diet. So this lady went on vacation and didn't even try to follow the modified diet and then gets angry that she got in trouble. Typical fat person's mentallity (believe me, I've been there).

Don't let some loser's experience convince you not to give this diet a try. My mother and aunt successfully completed this diet, together losing over 135 pounds. My sister and I have had success. And no, we haven't experienced hair loss either (another topic of this forum). If it doesn't work for you, you can always quit, but if you've got a lot of weight to lose and want to do it quickly, this is a great diet.