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Hyoscyamine... prolly the same thing. And no, it didn't work at all. Still took a vicodin, which didn't help either. I'm not 100% if it messed with my eyes. It was midnight and I never turned the light on... just layed in bed. The few times I opened my eyes things looked a little fuzzy, though.


Yes- that stuff is supposed to help releive stomach cramping. I took it 3 or 4 times and it caused my eyes to stress and become real sensitive to light. I got out at night and drove to the store and all the car lights were extremely bright. I do remember that the pills are very small and round.
Nasty stuff!


Alot of u sound like u may have allergies to certain foods. Symptoms of allergies can come in lots of different ways, and you'd be surprised at the things u can be allergic to... wheat, dairy and certain prteins are more obvious, but there are allergies to the weirdest things, like peas and cucumber too. The best test to have done is not a scratch test, which apparently is the standard procedure but not very accurate, but there is a RAST test, which is best. I think it might be quite expensive, im not too sure if ur government will cover it or not.. im in Australia so I have no idea.
I have been getting a sharp pain in my stomach when i've drunk champagne recently, and other liquids recently too. Im going to google stomach ulcers. Im not exactly stressed, but i cant think of what else this could be.
I hope everyone finds their answer!


I was amazed to find others with these same symptoms that I have struggled with for the past four years. I have seen many Doctors and been to the ER multiple times. It is so frustrating to have them look at you as if to suggest there is no way you could have all of these symptoms. I have a long list of diagnoses, but no help to manage all the symptoms. And, more frustrating to hear others suggest it is a mental disorder, when the problem is in my GI tract. My diagnoses include: Duodenitis, Esphageal spams, Hitial Hernia, Peptic Ulcers, Gastric Ulcers, Irritable Bowel, Diverticulitis, Autonomic Dysfunction, Peripherial Neuropathy, Dumping Syndrome, Liver is enlarged, Spleen is enlarged, Malabsorption syndrome (numerous vitamin and mineral deficiencies), bowel incontinence, etc.

I have had 7 endoscopies, in the past three years, and three colonoscopies, I have had both upper and lower GI barium studies, multiple chest, abdominal, pelvic CT scans, MRI of my liver, Gastric emptying study, tilt table testing, EKG, Echocardiogram, MUGA scan, heart catherization, and a lot of labs, and others tests, also.

About a year ago, one ER Physician suggested it could be carcinoids. He explained that a relative of his, has similar symptoms, that went on for three years, before, he was finally diagnosed. Carcinoid symptoms include: flushing, diarrhea, abdominal pain, chills, sweats, tremors, lightheadedness, palpatitions, and frequently it can happen shortly after eating, or anytime. Normally, my blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature were all low. Most recently, my blood pressure and heart rate are up, and during an episode, my BP has been 188 over 145, and my pulse rate, around 160. It can happen while sitting in my recliner, or driving a car. Sometimes it is mild and lasts less than an hour. Sometimes, it may last for hours, and then the next couple of days I am so fatigued, I can not hardly function. Finally, I had a 24 hours urine test, 5-HIAA, that was elevated, and is fairly specific for carcinoid syndrome.

Some of you mentioned that bananas may trigger an episode. There are foods that can elevate the hormones in my body, and initiate an episode. Some people are triggered eating tomatoes, or drinking caffeine. Drinking alcohol is frequently a trigger, especially red wine.

Now that I have a positive urine test, there will be more testing done to try to find the location of the carcinoids. The ER Physician who had the relative who spent three years getting diagnosed, spent another three years going through losts of scans to try to find these tumors, so they could be surgically removed.

Some of you asked what kind of Doctors you should see. I would recommend a Gastroenterologist that specializes in Motility disorders, or a GI Physicain that practices Neurogastroenterology. Even though I have seen some great Doctors, very few were able to connect all the dots, and finally search for Carcinoids. I will be evaluted by an Endocrinologist in a couple of weeks. Carcinoid tumors/syndrome is a neuroendocrine disorder. There are other neuroendocrine disorders that can cause many of these symptoms. So, a consult with an Endocrinologist would also be a good thing.

My wish for all of you, is you have a day that is free from these horrible symtoms. And, you find a Physician that is compassionate, and wants to help you get these resolved.



I have the same problems from eating eggs, as well as some other things such as bell pepper, asparagus and some seafoods. The pain is right in the center just above the belly button. Starts about an hour after eating and usually lasts several hours. My horrible reaction to these foods has come out of nowhere, I never had problems before and now suddenly I do. I had an endoscopy/colonoscopy and they said i have gastritis which I am taking Nexium for. This seems to have cleared up my diarrhea but I still get the pains when eating these certain foods. The only thing that makes the pain go away is drinking white wine. I wish I had an answer to this.


I have the same problems from eating eggs, as well as some other things such as bell pepper, asparagus, avocado and some seafoods. The pain is right in the center just above the belly button. Starts about an hour after eating and usually lasts several hours. My horrible reaction to these foods has come out of nowhere, I never had problems before and now suddenly I do. The variety of foods I can eat just gets smaller and smaller. I had an endoscopy/colonoscopy and they said i have gastritis which I am taking Nexium for. This seems to have cleared up my diarrhea but I still get the pains when eating these certain foods. The only thing that makes the pain go away is drinking white wine. I wish I had an answer to this.


Hello all. as much as I am not happy to hear that so many people are going through the same SEVERE PAINS I am, I am happy to know that I am not the only person and that I am not Crazy!!
My pains all surround Fruits. To date, I know to avoid in any amount ( no matter how little) strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, bananas and sometimes canalope, tomatoes, cucumbers.
I say to date because I don't know what will trigger this pain until I eat it and the suffering begins. I was just fine until I completed my Chemo treatsment for CANCER. I told my Oncolgist and h just brushed it off with "I'm sure it's a intestinal infection" and said don't worry about it and insisted i had nothing to do with Chemo. Another Oncologist told me to take Pepsid because the chemo must have changed how my stomach digests food. Well, that didn't work either. And seeing that I know exactly what sends me spiralling down and crashing with extreme pain, I avoid them - I'm not stupid!! But when I do eating something, like recently the cantaloupe, the Pepsid was useless. So That's not helping!!
I actually hosted a party at my house when this occured. I had to excuse my self for the rest of the evening, now crying in my bed as well as running back and forth to the bathroom with extreme diareah and sometimes vomiting.
This one event was the straw that broke my back. Since I had eaten cantaloupe before, I did not consider it a "stay away from food" so now I will not eat it and I am getting afraid to any Fruit when I am not a home or if at home, nothing to do just incase I ruin my whole day.
Just recently I changed Oncologist, and I told him of mu pains and quested the Pepsid and saying that will do me no good given the symptoms I told him. He refered me to Gastro Doctor.
So today I see a Gastroantonolgist to start seeing what the is issue is and what he may be able to do about it.
My thoughts are Pancreas - Fruits = sugar and Pancreas not able handle the natural sugar or the enzymes the fruit produce. Real sugar (processed) in candy, cakes, pies do not bother me.
Hopefully I can an answer and I will udate you all, maybe it may help someone going through a similar problem.
Good Luck To You All - Hope You All Find Answers and Calmness


Hello, I Googled every way I could think of before finding this thread. At least I know there are others with mystery stomach pains. Mine started about 16 months ago. What happens to me is when I eat any kind of protein, and I mean any kind, beef, pork, chicken, salmon, even nuts, meat substitute or tofu, I get a sudden intense pain right in my stomach (others have indicated just below the sternum which is about right). It is extremely intense and happens with the first bite then goes away in a few minutes while I make faces, push in on the spot on my stomach and wait for it to pass. This happens sometimes just with the first bite but sometimes for the first few then I am fine and can finish the meal. I quit eating all red meat about eight months ago but still eat a little chicken, eggs, all seafood, vegetarian meat substitutes and nuts. All of these things cause the pain with the exception usually, of eggs and shellfish. It does happen with salmon though. I eat a healthy diet of whole grains, legumes, fruits and veggies, and the proteins I mentioned.
About a year ago I was at a happy hour event and ordered the beef tip appetizer. I took a bite and had the intense pain. Had to wait for it to pass. A friend who used to be in the medical supply field before retirement saw it and asked what was going on. I told him that it happened about one out of three times I eat any kind of protein but passes after the first few bites and then I can eat the rest of the meal. He said that really worried him because it sounds like a tumor. I was shocked and said that it passes (same thing has been happening to my sister too). He said a tumor can be triggered to put out a certain enzyme when you eat protein and that the initial pain I feel could be that reaction then it stops when there is more protein. It took me a couple of months to go to the doctor but it got worse so I did. She scared the heck out of me by saying "sounds like pancreatic cancer". She put me on a two week course of previset or one of those acid blockers and told me that if I did not have and attack while on this, it would indicate it is just an erosion or ulcer. She also took blood for an amylase test to rule out the pancreas and sent me off to "enjoy" Thanksgiving with my family (while thinking I could have an unsurvivable cancer). I got the test back with normal levels and it did not happen on the prevised (which I quit taking after the test since it interferes with normal function of the stomach) so I have been back to square one but after reading ten pages of posts, I can see that, though the pain is at LEAST a ten, I am luckier than most here. I do not have it for hours though lately, I have had debilitating heartburn for several hours in the evening about 20% of the time.
Does anyone else have this reaction to the first bites of protein, nuts included or any answers? I am still worried about the tumor thing and saw a post here about that possibility...


No, dra, mine is never like that. But I can tell usually pretty quickly if whatever I'm eating is going to make it hurt. Last night it was Oreo's. I ate three of them... and within minutes I had the pain. Took another useless vicodin and went to wait it out in bed. It was a little different this time. Every other time it's been a constant pain, this time it came and went for 3 hours. Just when I thought it was over and I could move again, it'd hit me even harder than before.

I had the ultrasound, and asked the woman if she saw anything. She told me that as she wasn't my doctor, she wasn't allowed to say. Then once she found out I wasn't having my follow up with my GI doc to get the results until the end of the month, she told me it looked like I have gallstones.

I've suspected it was my gall bladder all along, but had given up on it since every test I had showed nothing (the previous ultrasound and the HIDA scan). My GI doc had said that if anything showed up on the tests, he'd call to get me in sooner. I still haven't gotten that call, so I'm thinking maybe he's not seeing the same thing as the lady who did the ultrasound.

Who knows.


Hello all,

My brother was experiencing the same symptoms as reported by most of you. Sometimes after eating he would experience severe pain, lasting from 10 minutes to 4 hours. He had his gallbladder removed in January 2008 and has not had any problems since. HE has been able to continue eating all the foods which used to cause him severe pain.

I hope this helps



some of these symptoms sound the same as what I get as one who suffers from a heidel hernia. I often will get these pains (usually at night around 7 - 10pm) when I eat something (anywhere from 15 min to 45 min later) without "flushing" my esophagus with water or some other liquid. My theory is the food is sitting in my esophagus and irritating it. After I drink something, it goes down into my stomache. My BEST solution to this I found is 1. to stop eating late in the day. 2. Not overeat. I mean, eat smaller portions and don't fill my stomach to capacity and 3. limit the foods that seem to cause the pain (e.g. very greasy foods).


i have been haveing the same
im 16., and it started on a sunday night a couple hours after my sisters party when i had cake,
ilovee cheesse so i ushally always eat it, then at least 15 to 30 minutes after eating a milk product, my stomach gets really sore and tight


I am 26 years old and through out my life i have had times where a. i would eat food and it would come right out of me. which wasn't that bad compared to my other problem.b) eat food like lettuce and burp and burp and become gassy. c. I can eat some food and get
awful pain coming and going and it feels like i have to sh*t but i can
t and my whole stomach just turns and twist until i sh*t??c.) one time i had pain that shot from my stomach to my back and lasted for over an hour. Im not sure what the problem is, my doctor says its how i eat and gives me nexium. ( which they might be right). i thought it was either irrital bowel, acid reflux or gallbladder. what do u think


A few years ago I was having some pains in the night while I was sleeping. Under the ribcage, straight through to my back. The doctor sent me for an ultrasound of the gallbladder and it showed nothing.

Now, a few years later I have had several small attacks, a lot like you describe, and I thought it was gas pains under my ribs. Then I had TWO very severe attacks like you describe. I was probably at 8/10 pain level. The two severe attacks both happened after eating eggs. Pain turned into vomiting partly because it was the only thing that SEEMED like it would help.

I went to ER and they saw gallstones right away. But an ultrasound doesn't always show stones, or sludge. I had my gallbladder taken out by the surgeon within 3 days of my ER visit. She said that had I waited, she would have not been able to do the surgery laparoscopy because it was so diseased and enflamed. Gallbladders are really tricky.

Since my surgery I can eat salads again, and I have had NO pain under my ribcage and through to my back. I have however, discovered that eggs still bother me. Only now it doesn't bother me under my ribcage, just sort of gives me a dull ache in my lower stomach and back. A lot more tolerable than the 8/10 pain I was having.

I have resigned myself to not eating eggs so much anymore. %-)

They tell you with gallbladder that it is fatty foods, but I am not the only person who experienced problems with salads and raw vegetables.


After reading all 11 pages of this, I truly feel as though I am not alone. I have been having the strangest stomach pains. It seems to start about 20-30 minutes after eating. I have made a list of things that I can no longer eat due to severe pain (10/10). I double over in pain, tears falling and nothing seems to help. After countless trips to the ER, GastroEnt Docs, colonascopy, Upper GI, Lower GI, CT scan, and ultrasounds, I still have NO CLUE whats wrong with me. My doctor says that I have stomach spasms and gave me pills that dissolve under my tongue. They don't work!!! Taste Nasty!! It seems that when I eat things such as: Doritos, Fish, Hushpuppies, Chips (Chips 'n salsa), Hard shelled Tacos, Combos, Sunchips, Corn CHips, and most recently Cornbread. I have never had a problem eating these things before. The pain started about 1 1/2 ago. I guess now it's Trial n' Error. I'm usually on the losing end though.