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Several years ago I had the same kind of pain that has been described. I had eaten a salad and rolled around in agony for several hours before it stopped. It happened a few more times and it happened with different foods. I went to my doctor and without any tests, he told me that I have duodenitis, which is an inflammation of the tube that goes from the stomach to the small intestine. He suggested I take an over-the-counter called Titralac which is in the same family as Rolaids. It seems to help but I still have episodes, especially after eating scrambled eggs.
Hope this helps!


I had the same thing occur intermittently from about age 12 through my early 20's. It always started as a dull pain and quickly progressed to the point where it felt as if a knife was being pushed through the center of my stomach just below my ribcage.

I went to a specialist and had tests done as a kid but my parents were told it had to be a psychological problem because they could find nothing wrong. I later discovered that an attack could be stopped completely by drinking Milk Of Magnesia or even milk alone. In my late teens & early 20's I frequently had an attack after a night of heavy drinking. It's been about 25 years since I've had this problem even though I have not changed any of my eating habits.

I am curious about the possibility of this problem being the result of a food allergy as I recently discovered that I have a problem with wheat. Would the fact that alcohol (derived from grains) frequently brought on attacks lend some weight to this theory? I understand that the body to a great degree learns to handle wheat intolerance over time which would account for the disappearance of my attacks over the last 25 years.


I am 23 and going through the same thing. I have had every test done too, endoscopy, colons copy, ct scan, MRI, etc. My gastro doctor found that I have C.Diff which I had never heard of before. It is becoming increasingly common and a stool sample or colonoscopy/endoscopy will show if you have it. You normally get it when you are hospitalized from unclean toilets. It is a colon eating bacteria that causes extreme pain and diarrhea. It can be deadly if not diagnosed early.


I have the same issue as most of you. For the past 24 hours almost, every time I have eaten, Ive been in significant pain, although not the worst Ive been in from this problem. Atm, I can feel right below my right ribs, like something is moving in my intestines O_o its like a spamy feeling I can only feel if Ive taken pain killers to numb the pain. Anyone else noticed this?

My worst episode was probably about 2 months back, when I [presumably this was the cause] ate at a Subway. I ate my tuna sandwich, and about 4 hours later, I felt the onset of what I call the 'Oh noes cramps' because once you feel this feeling in your stomach, you know that the pain is on the way... So I laid down, and the pain just seemed to jump on me, I started crying, I couldnt breathe, I started shaking, whimpering, and the worst thing about it, is nothing helps when it gets to that point. I would move and move, rolling over consistently trying to find a position that wouldnt hurt [coincidentally, the only position that sort of feels ok, if is I move a pillow behind me, and lay at like an angle against it. In a few hours the pain will seemingly move to the other side, and I will have to switch sides.] It got to the point where I thought I was dying and just laid there almost wishing I would the pain was so intense right below my ribs for the most part. Obviously I didnt die, but I did kinda gray out, nothing really existed to me but the pain...

Laying in the position I described eventually allowed me to fall asleep, and I woke up about an hour later and it was gone. Completely, except for a kinda residual dull ache in my tummy. It does seem to happen most often when I eat sandwiches... but not exclusively.

So far, since the onset of this episode, Ive taken about 16-20 tums, 1 Prevacid tablet I think its called, and am working on a glass of Alka Seltzer.

Alka Seltzer seems to work the best for me, so if you havent, as horrible as it tastes, give it a shot :-P Although Im sure most of you have.


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