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I would read about Celiac disease...


these posts are making me feel worse I have had unexplained symptoms for the past two months switching between stomach aches as the side not center, cramps, dizziness, extreme fatigue, muscle aches. I was recently told I had a sinus infection and that made me feel much better. However, the symptoms did not go away with antibiotics, and anyways a sinus infection does not cause muscle aches or stomach ache. Parents now insist it is anxiety and doctor is saying conducted all tests. I dont know what to do, I dont want to be one of those people that are sick for 9 years with negative tests. I am 16 and I dont know what to do, I used to be so healthy, I never got stomach flu, and hardly ever got colds. btw they also found acid reflux but that has to do with the sinus infection. I nee some reassurance from people who are in the same situation that I will get better and they will find out what is wrong.


so, ive been living with this pain for 1 yr now, it all started when i got put on birthcontrol and it came out being a blood clot. after i got out of the hospital thats when the stomach pains in the middle of my stomach started happening. Usually ill get 1-3 a week and always happen very early in the morning, the pain is so bad it wakes me up out of a dead sleep. I can go weeks with out having them but then when they start ill get like i said 1-3 a week. sometimes all ill have that night is a glass of water and i wake up with this insane pain that goes from my stomach to my right side, and sometimes even to my back, im dealing with one right now at the moment, ive been up at 5, and i never thought about looking this up and finally i did. ive gone to my family doctor and all he said was the i had acid reflex, i dont think so, water dosnt give acid reflex thats just retarded, well, last night i had a piece of pizza and a mt. dew b4 i went to bed an hour later, this pain woke me up around 5 this morning, right now it is almost 7 and i still have the pain mildly, not as strong as it was when i woke up. usually if i take pain killers it goes away within 30 mins but it hasnt yet. atleast today it hasnt worked. usually breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth(when i first start to feel the pain) helps and sometimes it goes away instatly, i always thought the pains were cuz i take a lot of pain killers, like advil and tylonal cuz i always get headahcs 24/7, that i figured that might have something to do with it. i havnt gone to another doctor after i went to my family doctor reson becuz i havnt had time and i moved to a new city and i cant find one. but also cuz i figured it dosnt happen so often that i thought i could handle it. well ive been up for 2 hours now with this pain and yet it hasnt fully gone away, i was thinking about going to the er but, im a college student and im already paying this hospital for a bill that i got charged with after they diagnosed me with the wrong thing the one time i went there. and i dont have much trust in them. so. i would really like to have someone else feedback my e-mail address is _[removed]_ , if someone with any information about this would plzzzz e-mail me letting me know whats going on i would really much appreciate it. im wide awake now since i cant thanks all, everything on this page has been very very helpful knowing im not the only one!


Im 19 years old and have also been suffering from stomach issues for years. i have lost over 15 pounds and now weigh 109. I have been to the doctors more then i have imagined and she then began to worry after she noticed all the weight i have lost. i have done test after test; Ultra sound, stool samples, colon cancer test, blood work after blood work... what on earth is wrong with me?! I was told stress and anxiety could be causing the sever pain; i have been diagnosed with Gilberts disease and IBS, but i feel as though i dont know how to make it better and it really ruins my sleep, appetite and urge for anything. My beginning of college this year has been kicked off to a horrible start. Sometimes i realize that when i burp or release gas in some way it makes my stomach feel a little better for a short period of time and the sharp pains tend to come and go. the nauseous feeling is consistent about 80% of the time and its just really wearing me down. I also have elevated enzymes in my liver and just got another blood test done to see where i stand.... i am petrified about 99% of the time because i just dont understand why i have to suffer so much and cant enjoy anything because of fatigue, pain, or nausea.

I cant take it much longer


I am 20 years old and have recently be getting this stomach pain below my ribs been almost a year. Now I'm at average health somewhat...5'5" weigh 195lbs. I didn't get the pain that often but lately now its been more consistent at night after I eat sometimes the pain kicks in immediately and sometimes the pain kicks in about 25 mins. later after I eat. first i thought it was gas...but the effects of that wouldn't make me hurt that bad would it? Then I thought wait it could be a effect of diabetes which that worried me but then I come to the forum and found that other people are experiencing this diabetes was pushed aside. I have never experience this much pain in my life and the stomach problems started a few months after I started working at a Mcdonald' I know it had to with the change of foods that I eat now. Here's the thing after I graduated from high school I lost my medicare and now I have no way to pay for a doctor's appointment when I live on my own. so if anyone out the figures the cause of the unknown stomach pain let me now and as soon as I get all my bills caught up and get enough money I'm going to get a check up just to make sure it's not diabetes that I'm dealing with.


some people are allergic to gluten (which is in a lot of things)
i have this stomach pain in 2 areas directly, which makes me think i have an ulcer. im already lactose intolerant, but that never caused me sharp pains like i have now, it just made me very nauseated and sometimes id get sick.


If each of you have had exhaustive tests done with no positive results, I recommend that you tell your doctor that you would like to be treated for Heliobacter Pylori. It is a dual antibiotic treatment that lasts no more than 30 days depending on the products prescribed. It will kill the bacteria.
As you eat, if the Pyloria are disturbed by the contents they will excrete a toxin causing the severe abdominal cramps. In some patients it is very unpredictable, and in others it is any time they eat. Thseverity depends on how well the Pylori cultre s established in the stomach.
After the antibiotic treatment, be SURE to ask your doctor to reintroduce acidophilus back into the bowels. Rectal insertion is the best method.

I hope you each are feeling better soon!


Finally I found other people who actually understand what I am going through. I have been having unexplainable abdominal pain for years now. I am a 23 year old female and have been a vegetarian for almost 8 years. A few years back I had my first attack. The pain was so intense I could barely move or breathe. It was located directly below the sternum, in the exact center, not right quadrant.

I went to the ER but there was a multiple hour wait and they refused to give me any medications before I was seen by the doctor. So, I went home, took 2 or 3 Tylenol PM and knocked myself out (I know, not healthy, but what else was I supposed to do?). When I woke up the next morning the pain was gone.

My next attack was a few months later. Same thing. Went to the ER again, this time got admitted. They ran all the tests they could think of and could find nothing wrong.

I have had severe attacks every few months for the last couple years.

I saw a general practitioner, an internist, a gastroenterologist, and my OB-GYN. No one has produced any answers. One of them even told me it was psychological.

They did say that I had a slow emptying gallbladder and scratches down the side of my stomach. They put me on Nexium for the scratches, but that has not helped prevent the attacks.

The only thing that I have found, other than taking Tylenol PM, that will help relieve the pain is forcing myself to throw up. I know, its gross and not healthy. But it works. And if you know what the pain is like you will understand why I do it.

What is wrong here? I have kept a very specific food journal, a stress journal, and have documented all the attacks. No correlations that I can find.

It is NOT psychological and if anyone else tells me it is I might scream.


Well - I sincerely thought I'd never be here. But out of desperation and after you read my post you'll know it takes alot to make me desperate - I like all of you am searching for answers.

I have alot, alot of medical experience and it may answer some of the questions/wonderings I've read but certainly I didn't see the answer I was hoping for.

I am 47 now. At the age of 16 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and had my colon removed and a J pouch put in (internal pouch). Did oK for about 10 years and then diagnosed with PSC (primary sclerosing cholangitis). This resulted in 24 ERCP's over the next 12 years to keep liver functioning. Then at the age of 43 diagnosed with liver cancer, surgery to remove that and 15 months later a liver transplant. Multiple problems including rejection, blood clots, low iron, etc....But!! ultimately worked through it all, got off disability, finished a Master's degree and started a job this past April. Doing well until a few months ago.
Rediagnosed with PSC in the liver and ergo had 2 more ERCP's. The last ERCP has left me with the stomach pain shooting to the back, and pain with eating that many of you describe. It feels like I'm being run through with a sword from the front to the back, sometimes nauseous, pain 24 hours a day, definitely worse about 20 minutes after eating (haven't taken the time to work out foods as some of you have mainly because I just don't want to eat - no appetite whatsoever), My intestines are completely shredded and all known and obscure bacterias and viruses have been ruled out, the bloody stools have stopped with antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral regimen for 3 weeks. Narcotics brings the pain done to a manageable level - level 5. Without narcotics I'll go up to 7, 8, 9 - have had 2 hospitalizations since the last ERCP because of this pain and bloody stool.

Now what I know medically. I like many of you have had 2 CT scans, 1 PET scan, upper endoscopy, US of kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen, lung Xrays Hidascan, lower sigmoidoscopy and biopsies of tissues in esophagus, stomach, intestines, pouch and liver - all negative for cancer, virus, bacteria. Oh and by the way even with the return of my liver disease my liver enzymes and kidney enzymes are normal right now. My hemotocrit and WBC is normal. My pancreas enzymes are normal. All this in the last month.

When you have ERCP's and endoscopies it is customary to take biopsies and testing the H pylori bacteria is common. It is preferable to do it by biopsy than blood but if you are sure it hasn't been tested it is easy to have your doc approve having a blood test. Crohn's disease is tested when they do the endoscopy - biopsies again.

People bring up celiac and food allergies. This are legitimate suggestions because they can give similar pain. I have been tested professionally and have also done elimination tests in the past for these things. I don't use milk products because I know milk depresses me. I rarely eat wheat products but also know I don't test positive for it. So it is just as legitimate for you as the sufferer to simply not have celiac or food allergies (and yes it gets tiresome of people suggesting this! - just about as irritating as people telling you it is musculoskeletal!). And it is also legitimate for someone to be concerned about cancer but CT scans will show any abnormality. They will show aortic aneurysms, they will show hiatal hernias. And with unexplained abdominal pain your radiologist reading the CT will look at all these things to rule out where your pain is coming from.

I have to admit I haven't read all 12 pages of posts (I read about 1/3 of the posts) and wasn't seeing anything about trying pancreatic enzymes. I was hoping someone would mention having tried them. My transplant team, trying to determine what is causing my pain, have just prescribed these - prescription strength.

I'm curious if they will help - perhaps my pancreas has stopped working properly or doesn't produce enough enzymes. and I thought perhaps with my medical history my pancreas was just plain 'tired' or perhaps 'malfunctioning' but there are many people young and old with sudden onset. Anyone with pancreatic enzyme experience.

I get my prescription this Saturday (12/6) and will let you know what happens.

I have lived through 8 surgeries, 26 ERCP's, don't have my colon or my original liver, have drank more barium contrast than I care to calculate but I have never, never, never had pain that couldn't be figured out and dealt with. Chronic pain scares me - for the same reasons it scares you - I read some of it. Interrupting our lifestyles, having to tolerate a hit of pain when first eating, never knowing when you are going to have to lie down, or throw up, or leave suddenly, having to explain these odd occurances to people, having to live on narcotics (30 years of illnesses and surgeries I've never had to rely on pain killers - I hate taking drugs even now but they keep me alive).

Again back to pancreatic enzymes - I'll let you know what happens. Would be interested if you have experience.

Sincerely and respectfully Deb Petersen


the egg part really struck me. i have similar problems, i will get slight pain in my stomach for a few hours, and about half the time it will escalate into full, nearly disabling pain for about 4-6 hours. sleep is hard, but in combination with advil seems to subside the severe pain episodes. after the main pain attack, i will have a tender abdomen as if i have been hit very hard and was seriously bruised inside. my attacks occur once every few months, although it seems to be connected to food. My last 2 attacks came from eating home made hamburgers, one cooked in the oven and one BBQ'd. I make my hamburgers with egg to bind the beef so they dont fall apart. My first many attacks came when i was working in a fast food restaurant (breakfast shift). Every morning (2 days a week on the weekend is all i worked there) i would eat there, eating about 4-6 scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and milk. I tried to cut out milk first, thinking i was developing lactose intolerance, but that didnt seem to be the problem. My best guess is eggs at this point, thanks for the tip.

BTW i got diagnosed with IBS


hi, a member in me family had this same problem, stomach aches, pain after eating. We managed to find the culprite- LEAKS!!!!!!!!!!


I've had a severe stomach problem for the past 9 years now, and I'm only 22. It started with just grapes. I thought it was insane, how can you not eat grapes all of a sudden after eating them for 12 years without a problem?

I went to several doctors and an allergist and had x-rays done of my stomach and the doctor just said that I was 'stressed'. I thought this was ridiculous. I was 13 and it was summer vacation, how could I be stressed. Then I realized every time I ate raisins or grapes I would get severe stomach pain (8/10 - 10/10).

Soon this began happening more frequently. Any type of berry entered the list. Then all fruit. Then corn. Now carrots are a 50/50 chance.

I've had multiple tests done and another set of x-rays but still nothing and after 9 years, I'm pretty sure it's not 'stress'. I don't live a particularly stress-filled life.

Antacids don't work in the slightest. I don't have acid reflux nor have I ever had acid reflux. Prescription medications like Nexium don't work. Prescription pain killers do nothing.

It was bad enough getting rid of fruit but now vegetables are starting to go the same way. Also, dairy is starting to make me sick (nausea and diarrhea instead of pain) as well as anything deepfried.

Basically the only things I can eat now are carbs like plain pasta, rice, crackers and breads.

Has anyone made any breakthroughs in how to deal with this and take the 'forbidden foods' back?


Saw this post while searching for symptoms matching mine. I've been having 1 or 2 attacks per day for the past week. Nearly keeled over at lunch. Pain is coming from waist. I barely can get to the bathroom. Am seeing a Dr. on Friday. I thought that maybe I was lactose intolerant, but am not sure. Very scary though.


Honestly-I read your entire entry...and I gotta tell you your diet sounds terrible!!! Stop eating such large amounts of c**p-steak,tons of meat,sugar/empty foods. Maybe you would have a reduction of symptoms without heavy pain meds of PPI Drugs! You could also have some food allergies, which can develop due to eating the same type of foods in large quantity or over long periods of time.

You could also add in some high quality digestive enzymes with each meal-available at your health food store. Enteric coated peppermint oil caps are great too. If you have an ulcer or stomach irritation,try internal aloe vera juice to heal the stomach tissues. Mainly focus on your diet and start eating more whole foods,drink more water and perhaps introduce foods with friendly bacteria-like yogurt to repopulate the healthy flora in your colon. This could help your digestion/pain greatly.

You may find a good Naturopathic Doctor to be a very valuable resource. They can run tests-just like MDs..but have a gentle and natural approach. A food allergy panel/test would be a good start. I am a Nutritional Counselor and if you can find someone like me to help with eating and lifestyle changes,,that would be great also.

I hope this helps...don't mean to sound like a drill Sargent. Just feel that this "American diet" we all have been forced fed causes a lot of preventable sickness.

Be Well and happy healing



I have had similar episoes with severe pain in the stomach region and was diagnosed with gallstones. It was recommended to me to have it removed but I didn't want to.

I researched it and found a non invasive treatment that worked for me. Here it is:

600ml of Olive Oil
600ml of Lemon Juice
tablespoon of honey (to make it taste better)

Fast for 24 hours first then blend the above mixture and drink it down. It took me about two hours because it tastes pretty bad, like drinking salad dressing.

Go to bed. Go to sleep. Drink lots of water.

At some stage in the next day or so you will feel the urge to move your bowels. It may come out quite liquid, don't worry. After a while you will start passing gallstones. They are usually of different sizes and green in colour, quite like peas.

I stopped counting at 36.

Good luck!