I'm a 22 year old male who just recently noticed a rash in my pubic area. I dont shave completely, i just use an electric to trim the area, yet i still get these raised red bumps that itch and hurt. I've had them for about a week or two now, about 4 or 5 of them. There is none on my testicals or penis, all are in the hair. i've tried squeezing to get the pus out, and a little comes out, but nothing major, just bleeding. they are light pink but sometimes a little darker with a small white head (but not always). I have had sex in the past month, but my partner has been tested for std's and is clean. It seems like they are ingrown hairs, but i'm still very concerned. Could it be an STD!?! How can i get them to go away? PLEASE help i'm very concerned and this could ease my mind, anything would be great, Thank you!