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Hey there my friends.


My dog Tommy woke me up last night. He was literally crying. I just can’t describe this behavior to you.

He was jumping in the house and he was biting his tail and his stomach – for like two hours :/ Unfortunately, he's having fleas.

I was using some powder last time when he had fleas but now I think that this powder won’t help me.


I will try again, I can’t lose anything, right?

But I want to know are there any other ways to get rid of fleas?

Do you know some?

Tnx a lot! 


Hello. I am for natural ways of course. There are a few of them. You can use boric – acid based products, nyler, rosemary flea dip, lavender essential oil, brewer’s yeast, and apple cider vinegar, and lemon spray, warm and soapy water. Choose whatever you like, you won’t make a mistake. I am using homemade rosemary flea dip. You need to place two cups of fresh rosemary springs in boiling water for half an hour. When is warm enough, not hot of course, all you need to do is to pour it on your dog’s skin. Leave it here until it is dry.



Hey there.


I am making my own spray and I would recommend it for you. It is the best thing that I found – ever. The best thing is that this spray is safe – for your pets and for your kids if you have them.



  • Vinegar,
  • Water,
  • Lemon juice,
  • Witch hazel,
  • Fresh vacuum bag,
  • Home sprayer.


This combination literally kills every bug. It kills even the larvae and eggs of fleas.

You can also use it to spray your furniture, carets, every spot where your dog was walking.

When you are spraying your dog, do this every four hours and do it for 5 – 7 days.

You will see that you will be satisfied with it.





It is nothing that difficult so you don’t need to panic. At all.

Flea powder is a very simple solution. This treatment usually lasts for up to a one week. No more. It can successfully kill adult fleas and repel them.

It is good because sprays and powders are suitable for every dog.

It is very easy to use them. To apply this treatment pets will have to be still and you need to cover your dog’s eye.

Don’t worry if odor is not that nice. It is matter that it works.  You can find them at the pet shops.

I use them for my Boo with some other natural remedies.



I support the idea of using sprays. They are not harmful and they can help you within two weeks. I have three dogs and I use sprays and powders for them as well. Once my friend told me that I should try flea dips. It is chemical treatment. And it is very, very strong. I used this once for my dog and he had side effects. So I would recommend you one thing – do not use them. You can try flea shampoos. They are really effective and they are successful part of treatment. They can destroy fleas in just one day.