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I'm a 13 year old girl and turing 14 in a couple of days. So I weight about 130 pounds. Next year i will have a Sweet 15 and my parents want me be a little skinner but u don' t know how. I dont have a park near me and I cant go to the gym. ?


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Hey icepunkx591!

Happy birthday! .. in a few days! :)

Your parents want you to be thinner? or you want to be thinner?

Nutrition and exercising! >>> the only & healthy way!

Nutrition ->>> your parents responsibility because I assume they cook for you... skip fast food, eat whole grains, more vegetables, avoid fruits in the evening (because they are sugary >>> fruits in the morning or noon); avoid fruit juices and sodas >> drink water instead! (2 liters daily)

Exercise >>> Steadyhealth has a great channel on YT - with plenty tutorials about workout >>> >>> check it out >>> all exercises are home workout targeted!

if possible, could you go fast walking? or jogging? you don't need a park for that...