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Hi there guys and girls.

I have an issue, that i know have been discussed alot on these boards, but though ive read alot of topics in here, i havent really found anything that has helped me. My problem is that i have premature ejaculation. When i first started out having sex, i could last for a longer time than i can now, and its like its been getting worse by the years. I used to masturbate daily, perhaps even twice a day, when i was younger, but stopped doing it that often when i realised my problem. I have tried the stop start technique, which i dont think has actually worked much for me. Ive tried what seems to be every option there is to cure this except for medicinal treatment, but im pretty sure i wont do that.

Though, after years of "research" on my penis, ive found that there is a musculature which i think is called the PC-muscle, from which i can "control" the ejaculation, to stop and go. But it seems that even though i do this under sex, and stop, it doesnt change whether i wait 10 sec or 1 min, it still feels like im close to ejaculation when i penetrate again.

My question to you all, is how can i deal with this problem? Have anyone got experience with stopping sperm with musculate, in that case which and can you train it to become stronger and longer lasting? ANY techniques you guys have used to train your penis to hold it back, or just HEARD of, im all open to.

PLEASE, give me everything you got, cause i really need this. I really wanna be good in bed, and i'll do what it takes.


If you've tried the stop start and can hold without ejaculating, then its a good start!:-DBut I get the frustration of feeling like you're going to cum again right away, I have the same problem. I can control to a certain extent if I'm going to cum or not, but as soon as I start again, whether it's masturbating or sex, I feel like I'm about to blow my load. Whats happening is psychological, your minds link between what arouses you and feels good and actually ejaculating is pretty much the same. Any one I've spoken to about sex and this issue (discreetly) who doesn't have an issue with premature ejaculation can clearly define different levels of arousal and can control to a certain extent how aroused they feel and how close to cumming they want to feel. For me I'm working on getting familiar with or trying to widen the gap between; completely un-aroused, interested, turned on, turned on, really turned on, I feel so amazing right now and blowing my load.This way when I pull out or stop I can begin to concentrate on not getting caught up on the thought of cumming and actually enjoy the feeling of masturbation or being inside a women, rather than just focusing on cumming and orgasm.Most likely its anxiety based and you're so caught up in the thought and moment of ejaculation that you and your brain cant calm down enough to get back to realizing it can really enjoy the feeling of sexual intercourse without having to ejaculate.My friend had this problem, went to the doctor and the doctor prescribed him Cialis, basically removing any possibility of performance anxiety because it didn't matter when he came, he could just continuing banging his girlfriend, then over a short period of time his problem went away and he didn't need to use his prescription anymore. Personally I've been thinking about going to a therapist or sex therapist about it and trying to find out why whenever I'm aroused and hard It doesn't take any effort at all to make me cum (Blow Jobs I only last around 5 seconds I'm that turned on), I also get aroused really really quickly and easily almost like I'm a young kid again  which means I feel like I don't have time to enjoy getting turned on and then gradually getting closer to cumming, it's just, bam hard on, bam ejaculate. Maybe the therapist can help me figure out why I get so turned on so quickly and feel like I don't have any control over it.To sum it up, 1) Keep up with the start stop and Kegel exercises, they're good practice for anyone for getting in tune with yourself and becoming a better performer.2) Go to your Doctor or an anonymous walk in clinic to talk about it, it's good to talk to actual people about this rather than just the internet, also they might give you the Viagra/Cialis option if you want to take it.3) Focus on getting in touch with being aroused and enjoying it rather than the ejaculation, enjoy every moment you can before you ejaculate, learn to love the feel of your penis being touched and rubbed as well as ejaculating.4) If you're upset, stressed out, anxious and or depressed about it, go see a therapist if you can. Theyre wonderful things to help you understand your thoughts and mindset and can help you figure out if theres anything affecting your mindset from being relaxed about ejaculating.5) Relax, relax, relax, breathe deeply when you can, remove all stress at all from the act of masturbating, relax.Any questions feel free to shoot me an email, I'd be happy to chat about it.L