There are a quite large number of restaurants in beverly hills which is one of the sought after tourists spot in the most sophisticated country- the united states of america. The mexican restaurant beverly hillsare also one of the prominent restaurants in this popular tourists spot and many tourists are interested in eating mexican dishes because of their delicious taste.
The dish which we are about to discuss is a non – vegetarian dish. The mexican cuisine has quite a large number of non – vegetarian dishes and one such sought after dish is the mexican posole stew. This non – vegetarian dish is prepared out from pork. It will take about 10 minutes for preparing this dish apart from its cooking time.
It will take about two hours and fifty minutes to cook out this yummy dish. In total it will take about three hours to serve this dish as a main dish along with warm tortillas for eating. For preparing this non – vegetarian dish you should have a quite few number of ingredients that must be added to make this dish really spicy to taste.
As we know earlier the chief ingredient of this delicious dish is pork. Here we use boneless pork loins which are cute into cubes for cooking properly. Besides using boneless pork, you should also use fried pork skins as well as pig feets too. Salt the universal food ingredients is also used in this food to make it tasty to eat.
Besides these ingredients we also use cans white hominy, drained in this dish. Dried oregano is used. Cloves garlic are used in this dish. These are crushed to give an intense flavoring to the stew. Chopped onions are also added into this dish along with dried red hot chile pepper pods. These are diced into pieces and are added into the dish. These are the chief ingredients of this popular mexican stew.

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