Hi everyone! I'm glad that finally i found such a nice forum. I'm from Poland and there is no place like this in our internet. I'm 34 and i v been drinkinkg since i was 17 ? I'm a typical weekends drinker. During the week i drink only sometimes and only 1-3 beers but when Friday is come... For about 5-6 years i started having pain in my right back/side after big alkohol trips. After 1 day of heavy drinking and few beers in next day nothing is happen. Problem starts after 3 days of drinking. For example when i drink from Friday to Sunday i will get a pain on Tuesday its took a 3-4 days to gone. I'm writing because today is 6 day and i still feel it. Its not a big pain i woyl rather say annoying and dull, and i dont feel it all the time. It depends if i stay or sit or changing my pissition. Its time to have a break