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Hello everybody. I have 40 extra pounds and a friend of my mom’s told me to try a diet by some woman called Anita Revel. She said that this woman helped her daughter to lose weight. Apparently Anita is this life coach and mentor for women. I read about her diet, it is called ‘’the goddess diet’’ and it sounds pretty good. The program is very simple and not so strict. I am planning to start with it soon, by the end of May. If anyone has a recipe to share for this diet, please do. I will appreciate it. :)


This diet is great. I would recommend it to every woman that wants to feel and to look good.  I read all about it. The experiences with the diet are amazing. Women from all around  the world say that this diet made them feel good about themselves and improved their self esteem. I am also planning to try it,  in a week or two. I would also love to hear some recipes for it, since I failed to find them on the internet.

I hope there is someone here who has already tried this diet and who can share some recipes with us.



Here is a recipe for a goddess diet. It is a recipe for TOFFEE SNAP COOKIES.

You will need:

9 Salada biscuits, broken into 36 squares

For the Toffee:

250 g of brown sugar,

250 g of cubed butter.

For the topping:

chocolate melts or buttons,

assorted crushed nuts (almonds).


1.Pre-heat the oven to 190C. 2. Put baking paper over the tray. Place 36 squares of Salada crackers. 3. Put butter and sugar in a bowl and mix it for 15 minutes on a high speed.  4. Pour toffee syrup over the Saladas. Now bake it for ten minutes. 5. Next thing that you will wanna do is to sprinkle it with chocolate melts. When they soften,  just spread the chocolate evenly and sprinkle with nuts.

 That’s it. Put it in a refrigerator for an hour before you serve it.



This is a recipe for creamy chicken pasta sauce. The ingredients needed are:

twenty grams of olive oil,

 125 grams of water,

two cloves of garlic,

one tablespoon of TM vege stock,

two chopped carrots,

150 grams of cream cheese ,

one or two onions,

two tablespoons of cream,

and 500 grams of roughly chopped chicken thighs.

And now the preparation. Mince chicken for 5 seconds or less. And then when you are done, put it aside.

Next,  chop garlic, onions and carrots (put it in the chopper for  5 seconds  at speed 7). Add oil to it. Saute in Varoma for about  3 minutes. Now you can add the chicken. Saute on 100 degrees  for  5 minutes.

When that’s done, you can add the rest of the ingredients.  Leave it for another 8 minutes at 100 degrees.

And that’s all. Enjoy.



Or you can make the fake fudge.:) You won’t notice it’s fake.

All you need is one cup of pitted fresh medjool dates and one cup of macadamias. You can mix macadamias half/half with almonds.

Preparation is very easy.  Put dates and nuts in a bowl. Blitz them for about 30 seconds. You can increase the time if you want finer consistency. When you are done, press fudge into a lined tray. You should leave it in the fridge for a night so it can get firm. When it is firm enough, cut it into squares. And the preparation is done. :)



I think you will like this one. It is a recipe for osso bucco for two. Ingredients needed:

 30 g of olive oil;

gluten-free plain flour, for dusting the meat;

olive oil, for pan-frying the meat;

peel from half a lemon;

one tablespoon of  vegetable stock concentrate;

cracked black pepper;

one  peeled and quartered onion;

one roughly chopped zucchini ;

one or two sliced Capsicums;

three pieces of Osso Bucco cuts;

two cloves of garlic;

400g of chopped tomatoes;


250 grams of water;

And  a splash of white wine.


1. First you need to flour the sides of the Osso Bucco cuts and then fry until brown. Then place the cuts on top of the lemon peel in a casserole dish.

2. Now, you need to place the onion, zucchini and garlic in TM bowl and leave it for 15 seconds ( speed four).

3. Now, add 30grams of olive oil in varoma and use the speed one for 6 minutes. 

4. When that is done, add tomatoes, capsicum, basil, stock and water. Leave it at 100 degrees for 10 minutes. 

5. You now want to crack pepper over the Osso Bucco cuts and then you pour the sauce over the top. If you like, you can add a splash of wine.

If it is necessary, add more water to the sauce so it can cover the meat completely.  

6. Cook in the oven at 150 degrees for 3 hours.

And that’s it.



Thank you so much. I love the recipe for tofee snap cookies. I am definitely trying those. It doesn’t seem so hard to make and they sound delicious.

And the chicken pasta sauce is also great. I think I may have tried it once at my friend’s ‘house. I will certainly try to make it .

 I will be making fake fudge tonight. I have my nephews coming, they will be thrilled.

And  osso bucco for two sounds interesting too. h

Thank you guys again, so much. I really wasn’t expecting all these great recipes. If you remember of another recipe, share!:)