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Good day everyone.

Last night a really huge and scary thunderstorm happened in my city. I just can’t describe you that feeling. I was sure that I am going to get a heart attack :/ Very stressful especially because I am scared of thunders and my boyfriend is not here with me :/


But my Boo and my cat Hope really jumped when this happened and I could not calm them down :/  I can’t calm down them today. They are so stressed and I don’t know what to do with them. Do you have any tips for stressed out dogs and cats by thunderstorms?


Hey there.

I understand your concern :) I think that I am dying every time when I hear thunderstorm. I don’t know how animals can handle it :(

It is very common for dogs to feel a little bit upset by thunders and that ugly flashing lightning. They can feel an oncoming storm before you can and then they get upset.

It is very important for you to stay calm if you want to calm your dog or cat. If they sense your anxiety, if they sense that you are upset that is going to make them feel even worse.

You can also make some safe space in your house for pets. Don’t leave them outside.

Remember it is just a thunderstorm. It will pass.



Hello. Yes, dog and cats are really scared when it comes to thunderstorms. My dog is also scared of them but it is not so hard to heal it when it happens. But you need to find a way to help your dog during the thunderstorm not later. Here are some tips. If there are windows in the room, close the curtains or cover them with something so your dog can’t see outside. Provide some safe indoor area for your dog. Play some very relaxed music. Stay with your dog. Play with him – that should distract his attention from the thunderstorm.



God, I really hate thunderstorms. My pets as well.

@ Dog Whisper – So great advices. I will definitely do this next time when thunderstorm happens. I am definitely going to make shelter for my dog :)


I know more tips, so feel free to read them lol :)

  • Act like nothing is going on,
  • Don’t panic,
  • Turn on the TV and watch something with your dog,
  • Play with him,
  • In some cases your vet can recommend a low dose of some anti – anxiety medication that can help your dog.

I am sure that your dog will be fine when he notice that you are not stressed.



OMG, my cat is super scared when the thunderstorm is outside. When this happened for the first time it was very hard to find way to calm her down. I think that she was stressed for three days. Maybe more.


But after a lot of times I finally found the way to calm her down. I made a big, beautiful shelter for her. It is like a tent with a lot of blankets.

Whenever is the thunderstorm outside, I go there with her, I sing to her and we are playing until thunderstorm passes.

It definitely works in my case.

I hope that you can find it helpful :)