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i disagree with who ever said that all people that are adopted are miserable.

that is the biggest LIE i've ever heard.

there are plenty of children out there that are living in a loving family and are glad that they aren't living with parents who go to jail or spend their life doing drugs.

i am one of those children


You are sedated for an abortion, so there is no pain.

The women that choose NOT to be sedated will feel pain, but they usually put you to sleep like any other surgery.


Don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I regret to this day that I had an abortion. I will never be the same!!!!!!!!!! The side effects are all emotional. At the time you don't think about it. But one day it just creeps up on you. You become sooooo depressed you just can't stand it. At the time you never think it will effect you but trust me it does!!!!!!!


I strongly disagree with your statement Lopresti. It is also clear that you have simply cut and paste those opinions from a pro-life website, which I stumbled on by mistake.

To you and all the other pro-lifers making comments like you have is extremely unhelpful to women who are going through the pain and confusion of an unplanned pregnancy, and clearly none of you have ever been in this situation yourself. I have never been pro-life nor pro-choice but when I found myself faced with this decision at 23 in an unstable relationship after much heartache I made the decision to terminate and have not regretted this.

Everyone has their own beliefs and is entitled to make an informed decision based on thier needs, relationship and situation at the time. If you have never been in this situation then you have no right to comment or judge others.

Have any of you ever considered that every baby that comes into the world should be wanted? If they were there'd be far less problems in the world today.

I was petrified of how I'd feel after emotionally and physically, but I'd assure women that if you feel a termination is the right decision then you will be able to deal with it and all you can do is make a decision based on your feelings and instinct at that time. I feel much more matter of fact about it that I ever thought I would, and know that it would have betrayed my body much more to go ahead with a pregnancy I was unsure of.


Being 17 years old, going to Nursing school and being prenant is difficult. which is why i chose to murder the piece of tissue which is not even a human being, a human being is defined as acquiring human emotions, this infant has yet to uncover these human traits so it can not be deemed a human being.. just yet.


I was 21 when I became pregnant and my fiance 19 and just starting uni. We both still lived with our parents but we figured things out and are now married (which was a fantastic day and didn't cost thousands of pounds) with a wonderful baby son. Wouldn't change him for the world. Very happy. Yes it takes work but its worth it. An innocent baby shouldn't die because you don't think you're ready. You never know what you can do til you try. Congratulations on your pregnancy by the way! I'm now 22 and looking forward to the next baby. :D


Anonymous wrote:

Lopresti, you are a liar and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Legal abortion is NOT dangerous: the risk of death from a surgical abortion before 63 days gestation is approximately 1 in 1 million; and
the risk of death from a medical abortion before 63 days gestation is approximately 1 in 100,000.
And what is the risk of death with a term delivery? 1 in 10,000.
All of this information is available at
In other words, the safest thing you can possibly do if you're pregnant is have an abortion as soon as possible.

"While techniques are improving, there is still a high probability of negative physical side-effects."
Rubbish. What side effects?

"Also there are almost certain negative psychological side-effects. "
Again, this is a lie. I note you don't back it up with any evidence - could that be because there isn't any? The risks of developing psychiatric problems is far greater after childbirth than it is after abortion.

"Abortion is an unnatural process that interrupts one of the primary functions of women’s body. "
This may come as a shock to you, but women aren't just bodies: we're people. My body may "want" to reproduce, but I don't.

"A woman's body naturally resists the abortion, which causes physical and emotional problems."
This is - surprise, surprise - utter horseshit. How exactly does a woman's body "resist" an abortion? I've had 2 abortions and neither time did I have to drag myself kicking and screaming onto the table.

"One of the most disturbing things about this is that many women aren't informed about these side-effects."
No, what's disturbing is the existence of people like you, who think it's okay to lie to women. The side-effects you cit do not exist: that's why women are not told about them.

"87% hospitalized women were ones with complications with legal abortion, and 91% had treated patients with complications from legal abortions."
You cut and pasted this, didn't you? That would be why it makes no sense. Are you saying that 87% of all women who are hospitalised are hospitalised because of complications associated with abortions? Are you retarded?

"There are several doctors who reported patients dying from legally induced abortions."
Source please.

"Either abortion is induced or spontaneous it independently and significantly increased the risk of subsequent development of the secondary infertility. "
Another outright lie. Do you even know what secondary ionfertility is? It's infertility AFTER YOU'VE HAD A BABY. Abortion is not associated with infertility in women: that is a lie put about by anti-choicers in an attempt to frighten women into keeping pregnancies they don't want.

Frankly, Lopresti, you should think long and hard about the fact that you have to peddle lies because the facts are not on your side.

You know, guest,
The name calling and negativity and ugliness of attitude point toward a VERY defensive posture on your part. Your "anti-choicers" attempting to scare young ladies "defense"....would you care to quote some of these "scaring" techniques and debate why you feel they are scary. Women have common sense. Let them investigate ALL the websites and "choose" for themselves.

So from what I gather from your comments, do you think all abortions are ok? I work in Pharmacy, and am aware of ALOT of drugs directly in my workplace, with patients and with colleagues.

Where you aware they use Methotrexate in some of the abortion procedures? I am asking if you are aware that Methotrexate is used as a chemotherapeutic agent to kill cancer cells. IF THE INCORRECT dosage is administered to a woman, it is certain to be FATAL. Please research Methotrexate and read about what it does to the body. It is pretty scary.

Her approach to presenting some of the facts, I understand. As a past counselor, I can tell you of at least 5 women within a year that attempted suicide after their abortion.

Wether or not a person professes to be PL OR PC is not the issue, the very well being and health of these women is at stake.

The past usage of saline injections WAS KILLING women with emobilisms, and also used to inject into the amniotic sac for the baby to injest that causes the baby's skin to BURN and their lungs to burn,causing about a 1 HOUR period of suffering until they die. It does not matter wether or not they are using this method anymore. The fact that they stopped due to deaths speaks for itself.

The arguments that abortions are done for rape, incest and medical issurs is rubbish, as LESS THAN 5 % in all abortions are reported to have aborted for this issue.

I dont believe I see any facts in this post that you have put to support your beliefs. It is your right to speak about your convictions. I have no problem with that, but perhaps you could provide SEVERAL bits of information for these folks.

Interesting...a WONDERFUL book to read is "Won By Love" by Norma McCorvey THE Jane Roe in the Roe vs. Wade case. THis would really open up controversy and eyes of some.



Sorry, something I meant to add. Wether any of us are PROLIFE OR PROCHOICE EVERY single woman deserves to have a chance to investigate ANY AND ALL information on the abortion subject.

I see alot of posts, and everyone has the right to speak their opinions. It is the responsibility and choice of the pregnant woman to research their information.


First of all you should think of the many families who are unable to have children. This miracle may be inconvenient for you, but it could be the answer to prayers for another family. Also, you're 23 and you're boyfriend is 25. Don't you think it is time to grow up and go out into the real world, I bet your parents would appreciate it. Plus, if you think you are adult enough to have sex, then be adult enought to accept the consequences.


It is not up to HER to be YOUR miracle.

It is noones job to have babies for infertile couples.


I'm a college student researching for a paper, when I came across this discussion. I read through a lot of the posts and really was struck by one thing -- has anyone noticed a common thread? It's all about you. What's best for me and my body. I point this out even to those who are defending pro-life. I'm not going to argue about facts or statistics or data, but think about it. Whether abortion is, or is not, totally harmless, it seems our decisions are being based upon self. "This is not a suitable time for me to have a baby, so therefore I must abort." or "There might be risk of breast cancer for metherefore I won't abort" Maybe we need to stop thinking about ourselves so much, and take a step back and ask questions in light of another human being now being in the equation.

Carifairy, I read in one of your posts that you've had 3 abortions. I'm sorry. I say that not to anger you or be sarcastic or anything. I really mean it. I know you say you are happy with your decision, but all your comments seem to carry a tone of anger along with them. Sometimes we hang onto our beliefs so hard, because if there was any chance we could be wrong, that would mean our decisions were wrong too. I hope you can really let go of all the facts, data, the past, etc. for a minute, and just let yourself feel your real emotions and let God speak His truth to your heart.

God bless you!


saying that every person is going to feel one way about making a decision like this is absurd. we are all very different people with very different experiences and views. it can't be said that later complications with pregnancy can be directly linked to post abortion side effects. what we do in our daily lives effects a pregnancy. maybe you drank too much coffee, maybe you didn't get enough rest, maybe your stressed out about whatever else is going on your life, maybe your going thru a dramatic physical change cuz you found out your pregnant, maybe you didn't know you were pregnant and used a lot of drugs, maybe physically you can get pregnant but are not physically able to carry a baby to term. all these factors can contribute to complications in pregnancy and most commonly miscarriage. ask any obgyn. unless you take the mother out of society as we know it, which will never happen and is utterly impossible, it can't be said that a past abortion is the main reason for what happens during a pregnany later in life. but if your going to have one over and over again, maybe it's time to explore other options like birth control


i live in a town where they advertise abortion on every lamp post, get real, as if God likes murder.


i am here just to state my experience, I got pregnant the first time I had sex with my long time boyfriend when I was 20 years old, I was in college, did not have a lot of money and was not in any situation to have a baby. After researching, I decided to have an abortion. I am 25 years old now, I am engaged planning my wedding with another loving guy I have been with for the past 3 years. For me, having an abortion was the best decision I have ever made, I have no regrets whatsoever and have not been affected by my decision in any negative way. My life has gone on just the way it would have if I would have never got pregnant. I am pro-choice and pro-education, I have not been pregnant since and have used birth control correctly since. I think everyone will have a different experience and it is up to you and your loved ones on what to decide. For me, it was the best choice and now I will be able to have a baby in the future with my husband and give it the love, attention and support it deserves. Unexpected things in life happen and we should have the choice to decide how to handle them, as long as you learn from the past. Good luck to those out there struggling with this decision, remember whether you decide to have an abortion or not, things will only get better as time goes on. The decision you make is right for you and you have to believe in that.


I may or may not be pregnant, I am 2 weeks late however
I am on birth control and took it through a vacation last month
so obviously skipped my previous period. I was sexually active
before my last pill and now I'm taking the sugar pills waiting to
get my period. I'm not sure if I'm pregnant and if I am I am aware
of all of my options and I would like some more information about
some of my options such as abotion and adoption.