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I just found out today that I am 6 weeks pregnant. I've read through most of these posts and I feel like everyone just wants to argue their opinion, without really much concern for what happens if you keep the baby.

I am 21, a broke college student, my partner is not in a good financial position and I have no family support whatsoever.

I dont want to give up my child, but how will I be able to provide for my child?

The counselor said I can give it up for abortion... why would a mother go through 9 months with a baby in her womb to simply give it up ??

Another thought... If I keep the child, how much will I be able to participate in the childs life?

All of you who are in support of keeping the child and anti-abortion... think about the childs life afterward... is it worth it to give a child a miserable life? Dont get me wrong. I would love to keep my baby if I could, but I know I wont be able to provide it with the life it deserves.

If a mother is able to provide for her child, then by all means I think she should keep it and there is no reason to abort it, but otherwise... it will be very difficult to get by.

I believe every woman knows whats best for her and no one else should decide for her or impose their opinions. It's her body, she's taking the risk and honestly, for all of you who side with faith... the mother will be responsible... so let her decide.


The fact of the matter is that absolutely every single case of abortions and reasons to abort lies solely within the woman herself. It's very true that abortions can cause psychological side-effects; but it is also extremely common for women who carried out their pregnancies have psychologically 'rejected' their children and feel a sense of resent because they feel they were "forced" upon them. So, what is worse - having an abortion, or being a mentally distraught parent with a child to care for? Of course, that is not to say that it has to be one or the other - this is a simple comparison of psychological side effects of abortion vs. parenthood on a very surface level.

I do not believe in abortion as a form of birth control in the "I had unprotected sex but oops, I can't deal with a baby so better get rid of it" sense - you weren't careful, so OWN UP. However it's true that birth control is only 99% effective; and if you are taking every single birth control method and you still find yourself caught in that 1% of people, you are in an unstable time in your life, etc. - you really need to ask yourself some serious questions. Parenthood is NOT something to be taken lightly; and I know of far too many parents of all ages who got in over their head and completely failed in owning up to it; therefore ruining the lives of their children.

I do believe that "babies don't ask to be made" - but sometimes even the most careful adult can fall 99% against the average and "didn't ask to have a baby."

And also, to the supreme genius who suggested that abortions can cause handicapped babies for future pregnancies... are you kidding me? Do you even understand the process of an abortion vs. the process of baby growth? Or even a basic understanding of what creates a handicap?

Long story short, do NOT allow anyone to make your decision for you but yourself. You don't have to answer to anyone but yourself.


Actually it's NOT the same, the body has already rejected the fetus in a miscarriage and it's not just being 'suctioned out".... so it's not experiencing the sudden change that abortion induces. It's amazing how people say things just to put their mind at ease. In an abortion procedure the process of development is being interrupted and ruptured which sends the body into shock, sending a sudden signal to the the breast etc to stop producing milk and suddenly stop other essential changes that were taking place in the body, which makes it more prone to cancer and other side effects than would a smilar procedure AFTER a miscarriage.


It's really frustrating to see some of the posts in here where people ask others if they have feelings, or if they have respect for human life. Get off of your high horse, please. You're no better than anyone else just because you don't agree with abortion. And for those of you who feel that this has nothing to do with women's rights, I feel that it completely does. How would you like it if a stranger came to your home and set down rules that you had to follow. But it's your home? You should be able to do what you want with it...right? It's the same concept. It's an invasion of privacy. It is none of your business to intrude on someone's life and tell them what they can and cannot do with certain things.

If you don't agree with abortion, that's perfectly fine. It's your decision and you have every right not to practice it. But you have no say in other people's decisions. If someone feels that they need to have an abortion, hey, they should be able to go for it. It's their life, their situation, their body. Get over it. Get on with your life. Do you care about the well being of a homeless person? Do you stop on the street and try to help them? How many time a day do you actually worry about poverty here and in different countries? I think I can safely say that many of you probably don't at all. I'm sure you go on with your lives and hardly give any thought to these kinds of problems. This is not to say that it's wrong. You can't blame someone for not being so aware about these kinds of things. It's hard to worry about them when you yourself are a human being and have your own issues to take care of. But, let's not get too hasty on an unborn fetus and being SO inclined to do right by them when you probably don't even do right by most of the people in this world. Respect for human life, anyone?

I also want to point out the people in this forum that claim every single woman has emotional issues after an abortion and regret doing it. Where do you get your information? Do you talk to people on the street? Do you talk to people you know who've had the procedure done? Are you just talking about what you've been through? You have to remember that there are billions of people in this world, and roughly half of them are women. Then you have to think about how many of those women have had an abortion. I'm sure the number is off the charts. It is completely impossible to assume that every single one of them have these kinds of issues after such a procedure. Every single person reacts differently to different situations.

I've had one abortion which was pretty recent and I am happy to say that I was perfectly fine them and am perfectly fine now. I am happy with my decision. I do not regret it at all. This is not to say I have no heart, or feelings, or respect. I have all the respect in the world. But, this was the right decision for me. I was only 20 when I had this done, and am now 21. I know for a fact that right now, having a child isn't even an option for me. Something like that seems to be a huge life changing event. There is so much responsibility involved, money, and time. And that's not something that I could do right now. Also, when I was pregnant (which lasted about over a month), I was completely miserable. I was moody, I felt sick all the time, and I was overwhelmingly exhausted every second of the day. I would not have lasted any longer with that kind of condition. It was worth it to me to get this done. For my well being and the well being of others. So now what do you have to say about your claim? I'm not every single woman...

It's just something to think about...


i swore on my life i could never get an abortion well im 4 weeks pregnant with a 2 year old and im scheduled for an abortion in a week. before this happened to me you couldnt talk to me about getting that sinful thing done now look at me im doing the same thing i frowned on many of. i think no one has the right to say sh*t about anyones decision its their body and their life! GOD KNOWS WHAT YOUR CHOICE IS GONNA BE BEFORE YOU MAKE THE DECISION TO KEEP IT OR NOT


That has got to be the stupidest thing i have ever heard. Seriously I'm 17 and i think i have more common sense than you.

Copy and paste these URLs and do some reading.

A miscarriage is a natural part of life. Happens everyday. But abortion? Does sticking a needle inside a womb injecting a strong salt solution to poison the unborn fetus (which can feel pain!) sound like the same technique as a miscarriage??!?!? uh...i don't think so. or how about sticking forceps inside to grasp the baby and rip it to shreds to make it come out easier. OR inserting a suction tube into the womb which is 29 times stronger than a household vacuum machine to rip apart the baby and suck it out. (oh but don't worry, because they give the woman anaesthesia so she won't feel pain, but who cares about the baby right?)

You are a sick, ignorant person for thinking that abortion is a safe procedure. Woman who get abortions increase their chances of developing breast cancer, cervical cancer, internal bleeding which can lead to death, and infertility.



There is other options girls!!! Give the baby up for adoption! Thousands of couples can't have children. If you gave the baby up for adoption then there would be not abortion side effects. Or the emotional guilt or physical side effects of abortion. You could have a sound mind knowing who would not have the baby to raise yet give someone a gift they could never have a baby. Most time the adoptive couples will pay for the birth so it would be soo much cheaper than it would an abortion. It all makes more sense in the world to save a life of a baby and help a couple in need!!! Dont be greedy by killing a baby, let an infertile couple have the child.You will be a hero. This is the best option available!!! Just think about it before you do something you can't undo.


greedy? i assure you deciding on an abortion is far from greed. it is indeed the last emotion/feeling that could possibly cross our minds.

Adoption is a fair point and im sure a consideration everyone broaches but you cant see this decision so simple as black and white. it is not a case of keeping it, aborting it, giving it away. each individual have different circumstances none of which people can just pass judgement. sometimes adoption isnt the best option availiable.


This is a reply to Reesie. I have had an abortion and had absolutely no regrets about it. I have since had a child who I was prepared for and am raising in love with my husband. I am scheduled to have another abortion tomorrow. Because we are doing well with our first child, we have more reservations about this abortion, but after much thought have concluded that we really don't want another child right now. There are too many people in the world and abortion is a realistic option when making a serious decision. If you do not want the baby, then why have it or make a big deal about it? Why am I even on this site then? I am farther along in this pregnancy than I was in the first and am concerned about the hormonal effects of the abortion--which I would guess is the cause of post-abortion depression. If my feelings about this are different in a month or so, I'll let you know. In the mean time, do what you please with your own body and feel okay about it!


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hi im 17 years old and i was 9 weeks an 1 day pregnant and it was kinda hard for me as my boyfriend is 16 and we both wasnt ready for a child and knew that an abortion was our only option. We told our parents and they kept sayin to me that at the end of the day its my choice as i will be the one going through the situation. At the end of the day its your choice no,one elses you do what you think is right not what anyone else says.


lopresti wrote:

Many people don't realize that abortion is actually very dangerous procedure. While techniques are improving, there is still a high probability of negative physical side-effects. Also there are almost certain negative psychological side-effects. Abortion is an unnatural process that interrupts one of the primary functions of women’s body. A woman's body naturally resists the abortion, which causes physical and emotional problems. One of the most disturbing things about this is that many women aren't informed about these side-effects. 87% hospitalized women were ones with complications with legal abortion, and 91% had treated patients with complications from legal abortions. There are several doctors who reported patients dying from legally induced abortions. Either abortion is induced or spontaneous it independently and significantly increased the risk of subsequent development of the secondary infertility. There are really a lot of side effects, and if you will keep your baby or decide to this step depends on you.

YOu are a full load of sh*t woman! Do your research and get it right you f*ck! Stop scaring a perfectly healthy woman you pro-life fascist!

Look, be aware that the majority of information and so called "research" that is out there when you google is provided from religious/ pro-life avocets. Make sure the website is a certified MEDICAL website and not a just a Q&A.
A perfect example of this is when you google search images of a "3 week old fetus" the majority of the pictures on the first page (most popular) are of fetuses 9-10 weeks old. Also, there are many anti abortion/pro life photos of dismembered bloody fetuses. THESE ARE ANTI ABORTION PROPAGANDA!

For all of the woman out there, be smart, do your research and DO NOT let anyone religious hurt you or sway your decision with made up facts and poor research. You have every right. It is your DNA. The only thing you are stopping is potential energy.

This "steady health" website is a cam site looks incredibly outdated and your links DO NOT give any reference to an "article" in which you are referencing.
I feel sorry for you.