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Good evening to everyone,

a few days ago I have found a really amazing healthy soup recipe on the internet. I am sure you gonna love it, especially if you follow 17 day diet.

I want to share recipe with all of you.

You need:

  • chopped cabbage,
  • large carrot sliced,
  • chicken breast,
  • chopped onion,
  • celery,
  • tomatoes from the can,
  • can chicken broth,
  • sea salt,
  • half of black pepper.

You need to bake chicken until it is done and cut it. After this, you should place all ingredients together,  except the chicken and cook for one hour, until it is soft. Add chicken.

You can fill up to four plates.

Enjoy your meal! 


Mmmm :)

I just love this healthy soup! My sister did the 17 day diet and that is the only reason why I tried this soup. Yesterday, I just made it and I have forgoten how great it is, until I had it again. This is one recipe I call „No mistake recipe“. Just love it.

Sometimes, I use a can of collard greens instead of the cabbage, because I am not that big fan of cabbage. Sometimes I add even broccoli. Often I add some pepper, because I love spicy food, even if I know that this food is not that healthy. But still, I can help it :)

You should try it!