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Why isn't it good to have anul sex to vaginal sex? Could is cause some type of STD or Bacterial Vaginosis?


Anal to Vaginal can cause a number of problems, of which bacterial vaginosis is one. The anus is full of bacteria which can be passed sexually to the vagina if going from anal to vaginal sex. This can result in a variety of unpleasant infections.


I have learned that there is a right way and a wrong way to have anal sex:

After the birth of my first child i found that the elasticity in my vagina was not quite what it once was... and my husband was losing interest in having sex because he could no longer feel the tightness. So he turned to porn and masterbation; I was devistated. One day when he was at work, I started looking at his collection of porn. it was all anal this and anal that, so I desided to look into it: I called my brother (who is gay) and asked questions?
He gave me a few tips that I feel saved my marriage.

My brother told me that all men fantasise about anal sex and that that fantasy is normal.
then he gave me the best instructions on how to procede:

1. you have to plan ahead: start by taking milk of magnesia 3 to 5 hours before you plan on having sex. it helps to empty the bowels and you might have to go to the toilet 4 or 5 times but when you stop going...

2. use a hose to give your self an ennema. I just bought a new shower head that came with one. you might have to repeat this step a couple of times untill everythig is clear when you go to the toilet.
it's a great feeling to be confident that you are clean.

3. go to a good sex shop and buy a starter dildo! the most important thing is* that it needs to be long so that you can keep a good grip on it, and it need to be thin.

4. so now you're clean and you have your toy. apply a little lube on the tip and gently insert it. remember to relax, repeat the step adding more lube untill you reach the point were it just glides in smoothly. it took me a few weeks to perfect it, but when i did: wow was it ever worth it.

So on my husband's birthday, I blind-folded him and gave him a big surprise! we both had incredible orgasms!
We now have more sex and better sex than ever. My husband was so impressed that he wanted to try being penetrated and loved it.

We now have a pleasure chest full of all kinds of toys from strap-ons, to every size of dildo, I never knew sex could be this good.

*Moderator's note: While long and thin is good, a FLARED BASE is critically important so that it doesn't get away from you and slip inside!


I have to add a few cavats here.

1) Not everyone is in support of giving yourself an enema for ANY sexual reason.

2) Not all women need to do this sort of cleansing routine

3) If you buy a long thin dildo for this sort of practice (and yes, I do think you should practice), Buy one with a flarred base.
That is, NOTHING goes up the anus without a base that is FAR TOO BIG to pass inside. It is TOO easy to slip or lose your grip on a lubricated object and have it slip inside. Imagine the embarassment that a trip to the emergency room would entail. How do you want to explain this one to the ER tech on duty? Will insurance pay for that trip?

Why not skip all the hassle and embarassment. Just buy dildo's with a flared safety base for safety sake. (This is REALLY important!)

4) ALWAYS wash and if possible, sterilize your dildos or butt plugs or any sex toys before reusing them or swaping them between partners. MOST quality materials will not only clean up with soap and water, but can also be run through the dishwasher without damage. Just remember to remove them before you ask your mother-in-law to help you clean out the dishwasher! (hint, hint!)
[Plus, it's always a good turn-on reminder to ask your mate to clean out the dishwasher when you've 'left them in there' and see if he get's the hint and starts getting excited about the night to come.... ;-) )