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I'm a 78 year old male. I've had problems with a running nose for many years. My doctor told me it was caused by the many meds that I take for my heart. Lately it's gotten much worse. My nose runs constantly. I always have a wad of tissues in my hand. I'm also forever clearing my throat. I can feel the mucous back there.

The biggest problem is that sometimes in the middle of a meal I'll feel like there's a lump of something in my throat that I can't swallow. I only get a second or two of warning before I end up throwing up right in the middle of the meal. I eat with a bucket next to me. As you can imagine this means I can't have friends for dinner or go out. My poor wife can't even eat with me because I never know when I'm going to vomit in my plate. It's disgusting. It's also weird. It's not the kind of thing where you feel these wrenching spasms. I just open my mouth and up it comes. I feel fine afterwards and the lump is gone (so is my wife!).

My doctor gave me Claritin but it did absolutely nothing. This is so frustrating. Hate to say it, but I feel better seeing that I'm not alone here.


I'm not sure, but I think there are a few people here who are experiencing something entirely different.

I've had this problem now as well for about 5 years. I don't remember when it began, but it makes my life absolutely miserable.
Every single morning, about two hours after I wake up, the lymph nodes in my neck will begin to throb.
Then I get the sensation that there is something blocking my air passage, and there is an irresistable urge to cough it up.

I CAN get it up, but only after an on-going coughing session that lasts anywhere from one to two hours. I've found that breathing IN....loosens it more than trying to cough it out.

The mucous is clear, very stringy, and VERY sticky.
After I finally get it up, I seem to be OK until the next morning, when the process starts all over again.

I'm not sure, but I think the daily coughing bouts are causing me to hyper-ventilate as well, which can sometimes trigger a panic attack.
Not to mention the bloating (I'm sure it's from the constant gasping in an attempt to loosen the phlegm.)

Now, I have noticed that it will go away if I lay down completely flat for about 15 minutes, which leads me to believe the post nasal drip possibility, and I do feel mucous running down the back of my throat from time to time.

But I've been to an ENT, and gotten the same answer that all of you have.
They prescribe an ant-histamine, or suggest acid reflux. I have YET to have any medication do any good whatsoever.

Two things that seem to help;

Laying down mentioned before.

and, if you CAN somehow resist the urge to cough for long enough, I've noticed the mucous becomes more fluid, and comes up much easier.

But it's not easy, because you have to deny the urge to cough in light of the feeling that your AIRWAY IS CONSTRICTED!

I am so frustrated, with my doctors lackadaisical approach to all this.
Maybe it is me...maybe I'm a nutjob...but there sure seem to be a lot of people here with the same problem.

There is ten times as much interest invested in the common cold. I would rather have a cold every day for the rest of my life than continue going through this. Why won't anyone take it seriously?

For any doctor that thinks this some psycho-somatic occurance, I'd be very willing...happy, provide you with a very real gelatinous, throat glue culture. o.O

Sorry, I guess I'm venting as well, but it's just so frustrating.


I've had the same thing for years also, but recently I finally found a doctor who helped me. He told me I might have Vasomotor Rhinitis and prescribed a nasal spray called Ipratropium Bromide. Nothing, other than that, has done more than just ever so slightly ebb the flow of mucus, but when I take that spray regularly it makes my symptoms close to manageable. Hope that helps, and wishing we are all cured in the near future :-D .


I feel all of your pain. I have had 4 sinus surgeries, tonsils out, tubes in the ears, you name it, I have had it. I, too, am desperate to find a cure. My ENT doctor does not seem to listen to my desperation and dismisses my complaints as if they are exaggerated. If it wasn't for my children, I probably would have put myself out of my misery but I just keep hoping to find a cure that will work. I read something today, that I am going to try.....I am going to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, limit my caffeine intake, and stop drinking milk and other dairy products like ice cream. My husband calls me cereal mom because I love cereal no matter what time of the day so I eat alot of it which means alot of milk and I am wondering if MAYBE milk could be the biggest contributor. I'll let you know if it works. I know that I cannot continue to eat a bag of cough drops a day but cough drops will give about 30-45 seconds of relief. I HOPE WE ALL FIND A CURE!!!!


I've got the same thing. I'm a 27 y.o. male, and my whole adult life so far has been ruined by it.

Basically I'm hacking not stop, just to try and be able to talk. This has basically left me single, working a c**p laboring job, and feeling completely depressed and lonely in this unforgiving world. I even struggle with my joke of a job, as my interpersonal skills are affected with coworkers etc. I'm not getting any younger now... it's really crunch time to fix this problem, or ... give up. But enough 'woe is me.'

It's worse upon waking and after eating. I've seen an allergist and 2 different ENT's with no answers. I tried Nexium too (but only a single daily dose)... I'm thinking I might give these another go and up the dosage. Tried Nasonex which also did nothing.

Took the alternate route and tried Chinese Medicine and naturopathy... no change. Now seeing another naturopath/homeopath with no results so far.

I think I'm just going to take drastic measures. Get fit, quit all processed or potentially troublesome foods (dairy, wheat, soy, sugar etc), quit boozing (which is getting out of hand), get proper sleep and avoid eating in the evening. If nothing changes in a year, well b****r me, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Thanks for reading.


I remember seeing it in the net, they said it was different than a cough coz a cough comes from the lungs forcing the mucous out, so that time I thought throat clearing is a malignant cough. But then I realize there's a difference
(I thought I went to a series of hypochondria coz I thought I might have TB, bronchitis, or pneumonia *sarcoids too... but thank God, the symptoms I had are far too different than those disease...coz it's not a COUGH.)

Throat clearing happens mostly because of sinus inflammation, or sinusitis, or sometimes from common allergen from nature (ex. hayfever, smoke).
Drinking milk/eating dairy is somewhat contributing on the symptomps and eating thirst-making food is also a culprit.

anyway, I will say this to all of you seeking answer, I am not a doctor my self, though I'm just a nursing assistant. However I also had this series of symptoms.
I believe if the doctors cannot figure out what is wrong, odds are, you are the only one capable of knowing the cure, afterall, they can't find no cure at all. (This are the time I wish I am a doctor, but heck, going to college is freakin' expensive. T-T)

So I made some experimentation for a while to myself, and two factors came up.... Humidity and Exercise.

I made an observation after a week on my self when I slept in my room with the following condition, I noticed that on a cramped room that has a stationary window that stays closed for a long time; will make the room less humid.... about atleast 45-60% less.
Making your nose and sinus to dry up, thus some may have blood on their mucous (though it also might be caused by too much hacking from your throat.). Coz dried up sinus or nasal passage contributes to ruptured skin and popped arteries at the nasal passage when you sneeze after your nose is runny.

Anyway, when your sinus dries up... saliva and mucous make a concoction of some phlegm at your throat, or near the sinus... and the mucous or phlegm will occasionally granulate (sometimes!) implying that it might came from the sinus.
It usually is very stubborn when you wake up and on some case may wake you up in the middle of the night coz it also had a feeling of DRYNESS.
You can aid this by inhaling steam from water or do the infamous "neti pot"
(Though, I would rather stick with the steam inhaling or something similar to it.)
Also, check your air conditioning filter, if it's dirty, your might want to change it... and frequently open your windows and let fresh air come in your house... You know what they say: an open window invites blessings... and that is true.
Drink lots of water everytime you feel as if you want to cough to clear your throat, and eat vegetables and fresh fruits (fruits that had a larger concentration of Vitamin C or something sour; ex. orange, grapefruit, lemon..etc.) So forget about Mcdonalds or chinese buffet, control your diet and start to cook your own food. This will make you independent and forces you to wisely choose your food and also this makes you less umm... fat (sorry, I'm blunt) which is important on the next answer.

If you did the first step and something is still off, you might want to hit the road and do some exercise... And I'm not even talking about pulling some weights....What I mean is that, you need to exercise your cardiovascular system "FREQUENTLY" by running or doing some aerobic exercise (guess you might want to try muay thai afterall.)
The annoying mucuous tend to stick at your throat most of the time when you are not exercising...why is that?

Simple. Imagine this, if there is a muscle that you haven't been using for a while... what do you think would happen to that muscle? contraction? muscular strain on small activities? frequent sprains? or frequent muscle tearing? is that right?

That same goes for your breathing system. That's why it's important to exercise on aerobic activities. But what is the association with exercise and this stubborn mucous you say?
Well, it is this... when you don't exercise, your throat muscles tend to weaken (imagine you quit on walking on the entire month, trust me, you won't even be able to walk 30 meters without getting your thighs and legs tired. ),
and so when it weakens, your saliva tends to STAY on your throat and prolonged stagnation of saliva causes the same characteristic of mucous.
So, it might not be mucous that is getting stuck in your throat but your saliva. (you can see the difference if the sticky liquid is clear.)
However, when other substances such as the mucous from your sinus, mixes with your saliva... well, that will make your infamous and annoying Chronic Throat clearing.
Chronic because it stays with you for a long time; frequent or non-frequent.

Stress is however, a common culprit, but, stress can be aided by sleep or rest, so if the complications go away with just rest... then probably you might just be stressed.

other than that, all I could say is that change your lifestyle and change your filters and follow the steps above.
Be active and start eating vegetables and fruits, also QUIT SMOKING!!!
Nothing more shortens your life than a stick of cigarette in an hour.

However, if you have these complications:

Night sweats
Coughing rust colored mucous with blood
Coughing up blood
Chest Pain (Pain that radiates from the chest cavity)
Feeling nauseous frequently
Difficulty in breathing

You should go to your doctor and ask when did you last have your TB vaccine or talk to your doctor what other examinations you could take;
you might have sarcoids or pneumonia. Pleuritis might also be attributed.

And last thing I want you all to remember...
COUGHING happens when your lungs do an INVOLUNTARY muscle action to expel phlegm or mucous out of your LUNGS; so it come from your lungs to your throat then expelled via your mouth.

However, THROAT CLEARING is caused by mucuous in the THROAT and eased by VOLUNTARILY COUGHING phlegm or mucous from the THROAT, being ABSENT from the act of drawing mucous or phlegm from the lungs.

That is all.


Hi everybody

i have had the same symptoms as described by most above for like many years now

when i was young( teens) i used to have flus and lot of coughing and mucous and had used so many nasal sprays: otrivine, vibrocil, and the like. now i cant use anymore of those or i will get burning in my nose for hours...

so back to the subject, did anybody send their mucous for testing at a lab???

i havent even visited a doc about that but im afraid it will worsen with time
what makes me really worried is how drythis mucous is.. its terrible makes feel like vomiting each time :-((
also the color brown .. sometimes like with a little blood..

i wonder what this is.. if it were pneumonia or tuberculosis, im sure it would not be accompanied by other symptoms!
BTW i do get very acute bronchitis in winter with a lot of coughing and very little mucous which lead one doctor to say the the air passages r too narrow sent me to a lung specialist which said i have a little bit of asthma!!
dont know if thsi is related in anyway.
P.S: singulair is bad long term!!

in all cases good luck to all..


I have a problem also with constantly having to clear my throat. It feels like there is mucus stuck right there at the back of tounge/base of my throat. it totally sucks to have to be all *ahem* every few minutes. sometime when i'm tryin not to make a bad impression I'll fight back the urge to clear my throat, causing me to eventually talk with a gugling sound.. bloody wonderful. I feel that my problem may have been caused by past drug use. I smoked evil(amphetemines) for a few months a few years back and i think thats where the problem started. I have a buddy who still smokes that sh*t and has for years and he has awful problems with his throat, he says it feels like there is a pocket or hole in it, and i've seen him cough up an entire mouth full of rice an hour or two after eating and be like "See? i told you there was a hole back there.." and i'm all like, "Dude, i don't want to see that sh*t... damn u don't chew your rice or what!?" Still, the mucus is clear and quite slimy, and evily annoying. The real sh*t part is that its awfully hard to cough up, i can clear my throat and feel it move up more to the base of the tongue, but from there its hard to get up, then as soon as a swallow its back at the opening of where i breath and speak. When i do get it all the way up, its only a few moments before i feel more, as if its draining out of my sinuses and flowing up from the lungs at the same time.. I've even considered finding one of those dentist suction machines to try and get this taken care of, but i'm afraid i'm going to choke on it and hurt myself lol..


Here are some remedies:

1. drink a glass of watere with one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar or 1/2 glass with a teaspoon.

Don't drink the glass all at once, but rather sip after earting and when the mucous develops. It will help tpo dissove and prevent the mucous.

2. Eat an apple to prevent or reduce the mucous problem

3. Drink water with lemon.

4. Take a cough drop or better yet allow a Vitamin citus fruit "drop" to dissolve in your mouth.

5. Chew a piece of gum.

Got these from other message boards and my own personal experience.

Good luck to all.


I would add to my post that taking aspirin with the H/g syrup over a long period may cause stomach irritation. I have had to discontinue the aspirin but still get relief from the h/g syrup. Tried many inhalents with no positive results.


hello, i read through this whole topic and i have the exact same problem. i'm only 13 years old and i've had this problem for almost a year now. i have no idea what brought it on.


:-( I am the same way, mine has been going on for 18years, been to the doctor many times, no cure, at least now at age 40, I can hack this brown yellowish mucus out in the mornings, it is sickening, I have given my doctor samples of it, but he keep prescribe anti-biotics, that don't help. It is depressing, and I am constantly eating to get the bad taste out of my mouth, I use to weigh 175lbs when it first started, now I weigh 300lbs. Help me!


Have you talked to a different doctor about it? If your doctor keeps doing the same thing over and over and it doesn't work, get a second opinion. Who else can you talk to?


Same issue as all of you, coughing up clear mucous and as a result a continuous sore throat. It started some time back in I think January from a throat infection and never went away. Every few years ever since I was a child I would go through months at a time of just coughing for no reason which would eventually go away after a few months and return a few years later. I am allegic to grass, trees and dust mites which I am sure probably could contribute to it. The first doctor I talked to told me he had no idea what it was and couldn't help me further (clearly I never saw this doctor again since he was a complete id**t), anyways I started seeing a new Doctor and it has been a few months now of trying almost every single medication you can think of for your throat/lungs (orginally they thought it was Asthma but it isn't). I have tried at least 2 or 3 different types of Steroid inhalers, Nexium, Symbicort, you name it and nothing. Eventually my doctor got me in to see a specialist and I have been given a Nasal inhaler because they believe it could be Nasal drip, this has not helped me either though I have my next appointment again in a 3 weeks so I will let you know how it turns out.


It may be an allergy to gluten