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It doesn't seem like the Frozen trend is going away any time soon - so hop on the bandwagon for your next costume party, or simply rock those braids in a cool and modern way by following our top tips for Frozen's coolest cuts and styles.

Both Elsa's and Anna's haircuts are really simple but really lovely - gorgeously long, and gorgeously layered. The layers make them really versatile and the length means that you can do virtually any style, including the gajillion braided styles you'll see in Frozen, while the side fringe helps to soften a strong jawline and make any up-do more interesting, including a plain old pony.

Ask your stylist for long layers of about two to three inches and get them to feather the ends, so that they all blend beautifully together. Feather the hair around your face and from the bangs through the lengths of hair, so you don't get a really blunt finish, and if your hair is particularly thick, thin the layers out with a razor so that your hair doesn't fall awkwardly.

Once layered, you'll find that your hair dries naturally in a lovely way, particularly if you already have a bit of a natural wave  layering takes a bit of the weight out of hair which means that it can let some of your natural waves show through.

Long hair weighs more, and so if you have curls, it'll pull them out. If you have straight hair, layering it will give it extra body and movement and will stop it from feeling boring, which unfortunately, is how long, straight hair can often be described (even though it is anything but).


The ubiquitous French braid is probably Frozen's most famous hairstyle, and luckily, it's pretty easy to do. Brush the hair back from your forehead, pull around one side and tuck behind one ear, then lift a section of about four inches long and one inch wide from the tip of the head near the forehead. Backcomb just underneath this section to add volume, then let a few strands drop over the forehead. Run a comb over the section to smooth, then pull back and clip into place toward the back of the head. Begin French braiding the hair at the back of the head, then pull it around to the side, before braiding around one ear. Hold it in place either with a clear elastic band, or a regular hairband, then wrap a tiny piece of hair around the band, before fixing into place with a hair grip.

If you're trying to create a more modern look, take a section of hair around an inch thick from just underneath one ear, then start French braiding, taking hair from around the hairline, until you reach the other ear. The idea is to create a braided hairband. Once you reach the other ear, use hair grips to secure the braid. This 'do looks gorgeous with curly hair, but it's also a lovely way to get your fringe out of your face on holiday. For a softer style, divide hair into 8, braid each section loosely, then twist each section into a small bun and secure into place on the back of the head with grips.

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