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Yup, it's time for new year's resolutions again! If yours involve weight loss, and you want to give yourself an honest chance of beating those very pessimistic odds of succeeding at a new year's resolution, keep reading. We have tips for you.

See What Your New Eating Habits Can Do For Your Bank Balance

Being more frugal is, along with losing weight, a popular new year's resolution. If you're anything like many people, you budget for weekly groceries, but conveniently leave those extras that you didn't intend to buy off — you know, that burger, that Starbucks latte with almond syrup and a cookie, those beers you had with co-workers, the giant sundae you got for yourself too because your kid wanted one, and so on. Those extras, those non-planned for fast foods and snack items, can easily make a big dent in your budget as well as add to that weight gain you self-denialismed your way into thinking happened quite mysteriously, in defiance of the laws of physics. 

Wanna lose weight in 2017? How about this: say no to non-planned for and non-good-for-you food and drink items! Are you guilty of compulsively helping yourself to some of the four big bad boys — sugary snacks, sugary drinks, savory junk foods, and booze? Say no to "chance meetings". Enjoy in moderation, only when planned. Like only on the weekend. Most humans are creatures of habit, and weekend-only junk food still allows you to follow a particular, comforting, pattern.

What are you going to get out of it?

  • Maybe cravings, for the first week or so.
  • The chance to use all the actual good food items you've bought for from-scratch meals. Throwing food away is bad for the planet as well as your budget. 
  • Weight loss, duh. 
  • Better health, duh. 
  • A more optimistic-looking bank balance. How about every time you feel the urge to buy a bad-for-you food item that you hadn't planned for, you put the money in some safe place, at least for the whole month of January? Then spend that money on some pre-agreed on fun family/couples/solo activity, like, kayaking perhaps?

Social Pressure Enables Small Changes To Become Permanent Ones

Do you want to walk part-way to work? Replace all sugary beverages with water? Ditch dessert? Go to bed earlier? (Yeah, that might encourage weight gain, read up on weight gain and circadian rhythm.) Recruit partners in crime. Whether they're co-workers, friends, your wife or husband, your kids, your mother, it doesn't really matter — as long as you have others doing whatever you are doing together with you. Hold each other accountable. While you're at it, tell everyone who isn't in on your scheme what you are doing as well. You don't want to be labeled a slacker, so this positive peer pressure is really just indirect self pressure, but it works wonders. And once you get into the habit of doing things a certain way? You are much more likely to stick with your changes, even if your social group abandons them. 

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