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For an older woman, the same bright, flashy makeup used in her 20’s and 30 does not suffice and will not flatter her appearance. As a woman ages, her skin changes, her complexion may become dull and wrinkles, sun damage and lines can become prominent.

For an older woman a flashy makeup is a mistake

The idea behind makeup for an older lady is that less is more and the woman should strive for a look that will be classic, tasteful and flattering.  Most women do not understand that wearing excessive makeup after a certain age does not enhance looks, but rather drags down the face and makes her appear older than she truly is.

There are many tricks and tips that a woman can incorporate into her routine which will erase the years and make her look attractive and more youthful.  Knowing how to select the right shades and types of makeup will allow a woman to find a style that is both comfortable and age-appropriate.  The following tips are designed to help avoid the biggest makeup mistakes older women make and can help point you in the right direction to make the most of what you have naturally.

Biggest Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Avoid applying thick layers of makeup:  one layer of makeup is effective for covering age spots, skin discolorations and evening out the skin tone.  When makeup is applied with a heavy hand the results can be disastrous, foundation can creep into wrinkles and accentuate lines, too much lipstick and blush will wash out the complexion and make a woman look gaudy.  Keep it simple and use light shades of makeup to obtain the most natural look possible.
  2. Avoid white or brightly colored eye shadows:  accentuating the eyes with a bright white shadow will put the focus on the creeping wrinkles around the eye area and age a woman beyond her years.  It is best to stick with muted shades that flatter, rather than overwhelm the eye area, use a cream shadow and avoid glimmer, shimmer, glitter or drastic colors which will look tacky and take away from the natural look which a woman should be trying to achieve.
  3. Avoid selecting the wrong foundation and concealer shade: pick a color that will match the skin tone, anything darker looks fake and anything lighter will leave you looking washed out and ghostly.
  4. Avoid thick eyeliner:  do not cake on eyeliner in an attempt to make the eyes appear larger, it looks garish.  Choose a light charcoal or muted complimentary shade and line as closely to the lash line as possible to highlight and make the eyes look bigger.
  5. Do not overuse powder:  a lot of women tend to get into the habit of “powdering” the nose at a young age, actually as a lady becomes older a soft, dewy complexion looks more stunning and natural than an overly powered one.  Many makeup artists recommend once a woman turns 50, to avoid using powder altogether and select a natural mineral makeup or a light foundation which matches the skin tone to achieve the best results.
  6. Over emphasizing features:  many women strive for the look of smoky eyes, pouty lips or chiseled cheekbones, but these looks should never be incorporated all at the same time.  Choose one look to emphasize your best feature and use it to play up your beauty in a classic and defining way that will set you apart from the crowd, but will not make you look like a circus clown.
  7. Do not use mascara on the bottom lashes:  eyelashes should appear long and lustrous, using an excess of mascara is not attractive and will only make the eyes look tacky.  The same can be said for adding mascara to the lower eye lashes; it can smudge and run, making a woman look much older than she may actually be.
  8. When dealing with a sagging jaw line and not wanting to opt for plastic surgery, a woman can wear a dazzling set of earrings or a lovely scarf to bring attention away from the problematic area. Never wear elaborate jewelry on the neck and ears at the same time, use one or the other, but never both.
  9. Avoid dabbing blusher on the apples of the cheekbones, unless you want to look flushed or hot.  Instead pick a nice, neutral hued blush and using a large sweeping brush, sweep it across the highest point of the cheekbones for an instant facelift.
  10. Do not over-pluck eyebrows which can lead a woman to look aged and those that have bushy, overgrown brows should have them professionally arched.  If brows are thin, pick a shade of pencil most close to natural color and use to fill in sparse areas which will take away from the harsh look of thin brows.
  11. Thinning lips are an unfortunate part of aging, but with the right lip color and some lip plumper, any woman can have an enviable pout which screams kiss me!  Do not use a color that is any darker than one or two shades within your natural range, use a lip liner and pencil in the lips before applying lipstick and always make sure to keep lips exfoliated and moisturized in order to minimize chapping and fine lines.
  12. Because an aging woman has to deal with the reality of menopause, she might notice hair growth under the nose or on the chin.  In order to achieve a smooth foundation for makeup on the skin, the hair should either be lightened or waxed off or for a permanent option a woman may want to check into electrolysis.


An unfortunate part of aging is sagging skin, wrinkles and hair growth, which each woman will more than likely have to face at some point in time.  In order to achieve the most youthful look possible and avoid the biggest makeup mistakes older women make, it is advisable that a female follows the above tips.  When thinking of makeup and color palettes it pays to remember that lighter is better, natural is more flattering and less always looks much better than more.  When in doubt about what looks best, a woman should consult with a makeup artist or stylist in order to determine what colors and tricks will work best for her unique situation and incorporate those which will allow her to look her best at any age.