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I am experimenting something with a food for my dog. I have heard that homemade food is amazing, but I still don’t know how to make it.

I mean, I make it but my dog doesn’t like it. I don’t know is this because my food is ugly or he needs to get used to this kind of food lol :)


I want you to tell me some good recommendations for homemade dry dog food.

What is the best homemade food to make for my dog?

I have heard that this dry homemade food is good but I really don’t know which one is the best :)



Hello. Don’t worry. It is not that hard because there is just one basic recipe and it is pretty much the same like all other recipes. It contains flour, fat, eggs, and dry milk. Flour can range from all – purpose flour to potato flour, maybe wheat flour, etc. About the fats – they can be animal fats. Whole eggs are the best rather than just white eggs for example. Here is one recipe. You will need 6 cups of any combination of flours, one cup of powdered milk, 4 eggs, half a cup of oil and one cup of water, milk. Combine and mix all ingredients



Hey. I found this recipe a few months ago. I was reading something about proteins in the foods and I found that protein should account up to 18 percent of the diet. This recipe that I will give it to you is great and it has enough proteins.

You will need: one can of plain pumpkin, 4 cups of meat, cooked and pureed, 5 cups of vegetables or fruit.

Add flour if this mixture is too soupy or maybe tacky. Add water if you think that mixture is too dry.

I haven’t tried this yet so I can’t tell you more about the taste.



Hey everyone.

I am really glad because I found this topic. I was thinking to stat this topic :)

To cut long story short, I was talking with my friend a few days ago and I told her that I have heard that you can make a dry dog food at home.

She told me that this is impossible and that you can only buy dry food in the pet shops.

Now when I found this topic I am going to make dry dog food and I will show her that everything is possible :)

This is going to be my little secret :)




Of course that you can make dry dog food. What a silly conclusion :)

Here are some tips because my mom is mad about this food. I am learning a lot about this tnx to her :)

Here is one recipe with beef.

You will need:

  • One pound of beef stew meat,
  • One small potato,
  • Half of cup of dried carrots,
  • Half of cup of green beans,
  • Half of cup of flour,
  • Half of cup of water.

Do this – cook the sweet potato in the microwave for 5 minutes. Slice the stew pieces into small chunks. Cook them with a tablespoon of vegetable oil for 10 minutes. Remove those chunks from the pan. Dice the sweet potato. Put everything in the pan, add the meat, sweet potato, carrots and green beans.



Hey there everyone.

Millie, I am going to try out this recipe. I think that this really could be amazing.

Yesterday I was cooking for everyone. It was very nice food. I have decide to make a food for my dog.

I was researching some recipes and I found one really interesting for dry dog food.

I can tell you that my dog love it.

Here is what you need: two cups of potato and carrots (avoid onion), ½ kg of minced beef, chicken, turkey, 2 eggs and half cup of yoghurt.

Blend it all together.

Rolle it and do not cook :)