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Hi everyone!

Let me start by saying it is so comforting to know that their are people out there feeling and going through the same things!

I'm 14 and I just started pulling out my eyebrowns and eyelashes over the summer! :'( Its so embarassing being a freshman in High School and having all the popular girls come up to you and question you about your "bald patch". I was wondering if ya'll had any tips or tricks. I've been playing with Silly Putty and cards to keep my hands away from my eyes but I pulled out a reasonable chunk on my left eye ; the right eye is ok though! Anyway I read that it take 4-6 weeks for them to grow back and thats how long it took the first time I did it! Well, its been almost 3 weeks and nothing. I'm really scared because prom is coming up and I would love to go with my boyfriend with out embarassing with my "bald patches". Are there any tips or tricks? Home Remidies? My mom won't let me use eyelash growing serums. Please help me!!! I have 3 weeks until prom!!!


hey hun i have this issue too when i am stressed i pull out my eyelashes and eyebrows and i dont know im doing it until its too late.


the only thing i can suggest would be buy an eyebrow pencil to fill in the patches its saved me a few times and as for eyelashes start using false eyelashes if it gets too bad! good luck!<3