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I wash my hair every two days and my scalp becomes EXTREMELY oily, but my ends are EXTREMELY dry. I am now using a coal tar shampoo, but have not seen any difference and think the oily condition has gotten worse and my ends are even drier than usual. Does anyone have any idea(s) what I should do?


I have never used the shampoo you have mentioned, but I have had the same problem with dry bottom/oily top hair. This is what I do:

(A) Give hair an inch of trimming every 3 weeks or so. I can't afford the salon, i just do the darn thing myself...heck, its hair, its only an inch, it'll grow back,lol.

(B) Use shampoo only on your scalp, not ends, i.e, lather up scalp area only, don't rub it all the way to the bottom, and defintely don't forget to condition the dry parts, making sure to keep conditioner away from the oily scalp area. I use shampoo meant for oily hair on my scalp, and conditioner for dry damaged hair for the bottom.

(C) Once or twice a week, I put oilve or almond oil in my hair, avoiding the scalp. Your hair does not have to be dripping with it,lol, just enough to make sure it is oily enough, and throw your hair in a bun or braid. I prefer leaving the oil in overnight. If you are worried about pillow cases, wrap it up in a bandana, although i have never had a huge problem with pillow cases. Wash in the morning. Alternatively, you can wash your hair in about 20-30 minutes, if you wish to do so (i like overnight alot better though)

(D) Wash your hair every three to four days. Your hair needs the oil it produces, every two days is way too soon. If scalp gets too oily, use dry shampoo instead. I am sure you can get many recipes for it, if you "google" "homemade dry shampoo" :-)

(E) Who ever said your hair needs to be brushed with a hundred strokes needs to be smacked. Oily scalps will produce more oil with over zealous brushing, just like too much washing will make your hair super dry.

(F) It could be a diet thing: try reducing processed foods, sugars, and fats from your diet. If you already eat healthy and work out, then the above listed tips should help. Remember to be patient, since nothing will work over night. Hope this helps:)