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You ate lots of food. You drank lots of alcohol. You danced, you swam in the sea and you stretched out in the sun. But now you're home, your skin and your hair is crying out for a little TLC. Follow our detox guide to get your glam back.

So you're back from your holidays. Chances are, you're feeling a little bit blue, especially if you've been dancing in the sunshine and you've landed back home with a cold and particularly unwelcome bump. Your hair might be a little dry and your skin a little dry, too. You might have gained a little bit of weight, or just be tired out from all of that drinking and dancing. We feel ya! We're here to help. Follow our post-holiday detox guide - and our five top tips - to learn how to get back to your very best self.

Frizzy Locks

A combination of sun, sea and sand can not only take it out on your skin but on your hair, too.

The saltiness of the seawater can dry hair out, leaving it brittle.

If your hair is colored, well, you can say goodbye to that, too - seawater strips color incredibly quickly and even just one dip can completely change the color of your hair. If your hair has been lightened, it'll get even lighter - and if you swim in a pool, unfortunately, it could turn a little bit green. Yep, you read that right - green. Woops. But there are plenty of things you can do to make your hair soft and silky smooth again - and to get rid of that garish green glow. As soon as you get back home, treat your hair to a nourishing mask, leaving it on for a good 30 minutes with your head wrapped in a warm towel. Wash thoroughly and leave to dry naturally, and lay off the heated appliances for a few weeks. If you're stuck with green hair? Slather it in tomato ketchup. It'll neutralize the green. Yay!

Sweet Slumber

Most of us come back from our holidays more than a little bit sleep-deprived. After all, if you're out all night drinking and dancing, you're not going to have enough time for frivolities like sleep! That's why it's really important to catch up on your beauty sleep once you're back home.

Switch off all electronics - including your smartphone and TV - for at least half an hour before bed.

Don't use your smartphone to check the time, either - use a regular alarm clock. It does take a long time to recover from sleep deprivation and it's more difficult than you might think, so go to bed early (that means no binge-watching your fave television series on Netflix), wake up at the same time every day (and go to bed at the same time every night) and don't stay up late at the weekend. Your friends might protest but your body will thank you for it, most definitely. If it's still really bright outside when you wake up in the morning, invest in a sleep mask. Even better, use a sleeping mask that you can pop in the fridge to get rid of any puffy eyes leftover from your holiday.

Tips For Beautiful Body

Your hair is sorted and so is your sleep. But what about your body? Maybe you put on a few pounds during your holiday (don't worry about it! It'll come right back off again once you go back to eating and drinking normally, so chill out!), or perhaps your skin is dry, flaking, peeling or just generally feeling a bit unloved. There's a fix for that! Don't you worry. Dry skin is easy peasy to sort out - you just need to take a bit of time and give your skin a little bit of love. That means moisturizing after every shower. If you don't think you have time, make time! You can now buy in-shower moisturizers that act like a hair conditioner but for your skin, as well as super speedy fast acting moisturizers that sink in within a minute or two so that you can just get dressed and go.

If your skin is red or raw from the sun, use an aloe based lotion or potion that will nourish your skin and soothe any burnt bits.

If you need a bit of extra help, try something like petroleum jelly or go to your doctor and get something on prescription.

Spotty Skin

If your skin is a bit spotty after your holidays - which isn't at all unusual, because of everything that hot weather throws at you - sand, suntan lotion, seawater, chlorine etc etc etc, there are a few simple ways to get it glowing and gorgeous again. Use the gentlest cleanser you can find, as your skin will be fairly sensitive, and keep away from micro-beads or anything that could damage your skin even further. Use twice a day until your skin feels clean and clear and if you can, take a break from heavy makeup. Just use something like tinted moisturizer and stick to cream formulas for blushers, concealers and eyeliner, making sure that you get rid of every last scrap of makeup before you go to bed so that your pores are nice and clean. Better yet, take a break from makeup for a few days or a week - if you're brave enough!

Sit Back... and Relaxxx

We don't know about you, but sometimes, after you've taken a holiday, you really, really, really want another holiday to recover from your holiday! So, what's the very best thing you could do to get gorgeous and glam again? We say, sit back, relax and take a few days just to lounge around (if you can)! Or, schedule a few extra days of rest into your holiday so that you can recuperate when you get back home before you have to jump back into the daily grind of work, work and more work.

Sit back, reflect on those holiday memories and relax! That's what holidays are all about, after all.

Plus, you're never going to feel your best - and your skin, hair and nails are never going to be smooth, blemish free and gorgeously glowing unless you're perfectly relaxed.

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